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As you read below and check the graph do give this video a listen.

To the left is a graph comparing the two economic recoveries between President Obama and Reagan. Also see You can't tax the rich enough to pay off the US deficit and then Obama vs Reagan after each respected recessions. and PHD economist Jeffrey A Miron from MIT explains: Why the Bush Tax Cuts Worked in the New York Times

But also check out what happens when the Government taxes money from Peter to pay Paul. 44 cents on every dollar is lost. Unbelievable.

This from NCPA in article titled Hiding the Cost of Government Leads to Bigger Government

"Congress hides from voters a huge part of the cost of government: the hidden costs of taxes, which include lost income and jobs.  Failing to account for these costs creates a bias in favor of bigger government and a less efficient tax code, says Christopher J. Conover, a research scholar with the Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research at Duke University.

Everyone from President Reagan's economic advisor Martin Feldstein to President Obama's economic advisor Jonathan Gruber agree that this hidden cost of taxation is very real and very large.
  • When the federal government takes an additional dollar from taxpayers, the actual cost to society is generally $1.44.
  • That extra $0.44 represents the deadweight loss of taxation.
  • Every time Congress shifts another dollar from Peter to Paul, it leaves society $0.44 poorer...."
Now that is something to take mental note of and study. Not only that but as the deficit grows we have to print money which then devalues the dollar even more. Big Government sucks!!! And to think that the left want to make it even bigger. Check out Big Government rally in Washington DC is asking for another $800 billion stimulus of a jobs bill. Unbelievable....

Here is a recent report on our Federal Deficit but do listen to the very end as our Dollar is being devalued every year and how that could effect the global economy.

And to think the Union boss doesn't believe we have a deficit problem. See Unbelievable Video: Union boss boldly claims we do not have a deficit problem and then to speak out against Tea Party Americans for saying otherwise. See Video: Labor union president speaks out against Tea Party after claiming we do not have a deficit problem in America.

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