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Virginia OB/GYN with 10 years experience is futured in ad for Bob McDonnell a pro-life candidate for governor in Virginia

McDonnell currently leads in the polls with a week to go see Election 2009: Virginia Governor Election Virginia Governor: McDonnell Stretches Lead To 13

Molotov Mitchell at Proof-Positive releases new video concerning the "birthers"

See other videos at 5 minute video explaining just how the "birthers" are not as crazy as the Main Stream Media would have you believe

Related: Snopes.com changes hospital of Obama's birth 90 minutes after WND.COM article but has no conclusive evidence of correction according to Wikipedia.
Video: MSNBC's interviewers heckling attorney on lawsuit asking for proof of Obama's eligibility which Dr Fukino states exists.
MediaMatter.org vs CNN's Loud Dobbs on Obama birth certificate. Are those who are asking why not release the original birth certificate racists?
Dr Fukino's second statement confirms errors at Snopes.com and FactCheck over Obama's birth certificate
Video: Obama's birth certificate issue makes CNN and NBC. It's not about conspiracy but rather transparency as Lou Dobbs makes some valid points.
CSPAN embedded video and transcripts cuts off two minutes before question from the press about Obama's hospital of birth.

Debate on the floor over Senate Health Care bill between Republican Alexander and Democrat Durbin.


John McCain on the senate floor exposing Obama's broken campaign promises on health care reform

Below video actually has cuts of Obama's promises first posted at Excellent new GOP.COM video exposes broken promises of transparency by our current congress and president over Health Care Reform

Happy Halloween video from the National Republican Senatorial Committee

See label Taxes

City of St Louis pays $80,000 for damages, fees and costs for violating groups first amendment rights.

City of St. Louis agrees to end unconstitutional literature distribution policy

ADF-allied attorney secures settlement, Christian ministry free to share faith at public park during annual ‘PrideFest’ events
Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ST. LOUIS — The city of St. Louis has agreed to scrap a problematic literature distribution policy after a federal court ordered the city to stop enforcing it as part of a lawsuit filed by an Alliance Defense Fund allied attorney. The policy was used to prohibit members of a Christian ministry from distributing literature and speaking about their religious viewpoint at an annual “PrideFest” event that celebrates homosexual behavior. The ministry filed a voluntary dismissal of its lawsuit Wednesday after reaching an agreement with the city.

“Christian groups shouldn’t be banned from public areas for expressing their beliefs,” said ADF-allied attorney Rick Nelson of the American Liberties Institute, who served as lead counsel in the lawsuit. “We are pleased that the city of St. Louis now recognizes the First Amendment rights of ministries who wish to share their viewpoint on important social and moral issues at events taking place at public locations.”

In June 2006, members of Apple of His Eye Ministries were threatened with arrest by St. Louis officials for handing out Christian literature and speaking about their faith at Tower Grove Park during the annual PrideFest event. In April 2008, Nelson filed a lawsuit and a motion for preliminary injunction on behalf of the ministry against the city of St. Louis. The court issued the preliminary injunction to prohibit enforcement of the city policy last June, four days before the 2008 PrideFest event began.

The court then issued a permanent injunction two weeks before the PrideFest event in June 2009, which allowed members of the ministry to express their viewpoint at the park this year. The order protects the ministry’s literature distribution activities in the future at all public parks, public squares, and other public places within the city of St. Louis--including public sidewalks.

The lawsuit, Apple of His Eye v. City of St. Louis, was filed with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, Eastern Division.

Like in the US European Parliament votes to oppose pro-life amendments to stop tax payer funded forced abortions.

European Parliament Opposes Pro-Life Amdts to Stop Forced Abortion Funding

Strasbourg, France (LifeNews.com) -- Members of the European Parliament voted against amendments to the budget to revoke funding from groups that promote coercive abortions or involuntary sterilizations as part of their family planning programs in other nations. They had been asked by pro-life groups to support them.

One amendment would "prevent any funds going to organizations or countries which are complicit in promoting family planning programs which include an element of compulsion (e.g. coercive abortion and involuntary sterilization)."

Another would have opposed sex-selective abortion.

"Projects funded by this budget title must not pursue gender-based eugenic discrimination, which is increasingly common in certain countries, or any other form of discrimination against girls (at any point after conception)," this second amendment read.

In an email to LifeNews.com, the British pro-life group SPUC said the amendments "were partly motivated by opposition to China's one-child policy, which involves compulsory abortions, and to the abortions of unborn girls because of a cultural preference for boys in India."

However, they both went down in defeat.

There were 310 votes against and 290 in favor of the amendment on coercive abortion.

Although there were 304 votes supporting and 300 votes against amendment on sex-selective abortion, that amendment failed because the rules required a qualified majority for passage.

CARE for Europe and SPUC led the charge for the amendments, and it would have been the second time the European Parliament had approved them.

"As in previous years CARE For Europe, along with other non-governmental organizations (NGOs), is campaigning for specific wording to be included in the European Commission's annual budget for overseas development," the group said.

The amendments were actually passed in 2007 and included in the 2008 budget, but abortion advocates opposed them this time around.

"The pro-abortion lobby are, however, now saying this amendment should be opposed, because they say it is an attack on the so-called right to abortion. This is not the case," CARE for Europe said. "All that is being called for is that there should be no element of compulsion in these matters. Such compulsion is an abuse of human rights and makes women have something done to them that they have not freely chosen."

Related web sites:
CARE for Europe - http://www.careforeurope.org
SPUC - http://www.spuc.org.uk"

Jesus in a manger censored after 63 years

This is our second case of Christmasophobia so far this year.

See the first case at Tax payer funded US Forest Service bans "Jesus" decorations from students on Capitol "Christ"mas tree and Video report on tax payer funded US Forest Service attempt to silence religious ornaments on Capitol Christmas Tree.

WND.COM reports on the second case out of Michigan. As Freedom from Religion Foundation sends letter to county that stifles a 63 year old tradition.

"....Satawa contends there's nothing unconstitutional about his privately owned and maintained Christmas display. With the help of the Thomas More Law Center, Satawa has filed a case in U.S. district court asking the judge to declare the county's crèche rejection unconstitutional instead and order officials to permit its display.

Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Law Center, commented in a statement, "Every Christmas holiday, militant atheists … use the phrase 'separation of church and state' – nowhere found in our Constitution – as a means of intimidating municipalities and schools into removing expressions celebrating Christmas

, a national holiday. Their goal is to cleanse our public square of all Christian symbols.

"However," Thompson continued, "the grand purpose of our Founding Fathers and the First Amendment was to protect religion, not eliminate it. Municipalities and schools should be aware that the systematic exclusion of Christmas symbols during the holiday season is itself inconsistent with the Constitution....local businesses and citizens have donated materials and labor to erect and refurnish the nativity. It has been a Warren tradition for 63 years, still spearheaded by the Satawa family, and it has graced the same street median every year, save for 1996, when construction prohibited its display. "

New Video proves townhallers are better informed then their congressman as to whether or not the public option is a "trojan horse" to single payer

Townhallers proving they are better informed on this issue then their congressman.

Watch video below of the dispute.

Watch a new video released proving the claims of the townhallers.

Back in August some YouTube videos were going viral that evidenced forth a plan by many liberals in congress to get America to a single payer health care system via Obama's public option in ObamaCare that was criticized by the Obama administration as "misinformation". Values Voter News posted many of these videos proving that these concerns were unjustly called "misinformation" being credible concerns at New Whitehouse Reality Check web site needs a Reality Check itself. and White House vs those "scaring" the public on ObamaCare over the issue of the public option being a step toward universal health care or not. and then posted most recently Michael Moore: "If a true public option is enacted - and Obama knows this - it will eventually bring about a single payer system".

From above links are these videos below proving further the townhallers are right in having this concern...

Obama in 2003...

Video: Pelosi vs Republicans on new House health care bill.


Pelosi announces the new House Health Care bill.

Republicans respond...

Click here for link of interesting Republican speeches in the House floor in response to Pelosi bill. Couldn't find any Democrat rebuttals to the speeches.

Germany gives a 3 year imprisonment for embryo destruction so why are these Americans trying to get to Germany for stem cell treatment

Excellent article below from Mary Meets Dolly!!! Please review links and video's below article that are quite complementary of the article below.

Why Germany is REALLY ahead in stem cell treatments

A husband and wife pair in western Washington state are trying to raise money for him to go to Germany for a stem cell transplant for his failing heart. Erik and Jenn Gelhar have already raised $40,000 of the $100,000 they need to get him to Germany for the treatment at X-Cell Centre in Dusseldorf Germany.

So why does an American have to travel to Germany to get such a treatment? Why are they farther ahead than the United States in adult stem cell treatments for heart disease? According to this article that quotes Dr. Charles Murray of University of Washington, it is because of Bush's funding restrictions on embryonic stem cell research and cloning:

Erik Gelhar is unable to get treatment in the United States because they are not as advanced as Germany in stem cell research. Germany has cutting edge technology and the people’s view about stem cell therapy is different, Jenn Gelhar said.

Dr. Charles Murry, co-director at the University of Washington’s Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, said the U.S. is still in the early stages of stem cell research. He said the ban that the Bush administration put on federal funding for the research slowed down the progression since it was a controversial and political issue.

Actually, Germany did one better than President Bush's funding ban and has OUTLAWED embryo destructive research and cloning all together. Germany does not fund such research at all because it is illegal to create or use embryos for research. The German Act for the Protection of Embryos states:

1. Anyone who disposes of, or hands over or acquires or uses for a purpose not serving its preservation, a human embryo produced outside the body, or removed from a woman before the completion of implantation in the uterus, will be punished with imprisonment of up to three years or a fine.

2. Likewise, anyone will be punished who causes a human embryo to develop further outside the body for any purpose other than bringing about of a pregnancy.

The reason Germans are so far ahead in adult stem cell treatments is because they don't waste time or money on stem cell research that does not now, and may never, treat patients i.e. embryonic stem cell research and cloning. (Imagine where the United States would be if millions of dollars that are spent on embryo destructive research were put into adult stem cell research instead.)

Gelhar also has to fly to Germany because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. has ruled that harvesting one's own stem cells and using them as treatment, a procedure called an autologous stem cell transplant, falls under the same strict guidelines as a new drug. This means that an autologous stem cell transplant, like the one Eric wants, has to go through long years of clinical trials.

I wish the Gelhars all the best in their efforts. (If I lived closer I would go to the concert they are putting on to help raise money.) I pray that Erik gets his stem cell transplant and gets to live a long and happy life. I hope he will not fall victim to the politics of embryonic stem cell research."

This guy has done an excellent job in breaking this all down for us laymen. Must view videos on this subject:

Related: First, Dr Oz on the Oprah Winfrey supports Adult Stem Cell research and now, Al Gore invests $20 million into adult stem cell research
Adult Stem Cell research makes Oprah Winfrey Show with a lesson in Liberal Media Bias.
Scientist in Britain use patient's own adult stem cells to avoid hip replacement
Wash. Post as most liberal sources forget to let the Public know that Adult Stem Cells are winning 73 to 0 against Embryonic Stem Cells
First, Dr Oz on the Oprah Winfrey supports Adult Stem Cell research and now, Al Gore invests $20 million into adult stem cell research
Adult Stem Cell research makes Oprah Winfrey Show with a lesson in Liberal Media Bias.
Nancy Pelosi praises Nancy Reagan for supporting stem cell research but just keep in mind it is the Adult Stem Cell Research that is working.
YouTube video of 4 Texans cured by Adult Stem Cells
Oklahoma and Texas deciding to fund Adult Stem Cell Research instead of Embryonic.
Adult Stem Cell research makes Oprah Winfrey Show with a lesson in Liberal Media Bias.
BBCNews reports on Jaw bone created from adult stem cells

African Bishops call for a rethinking of Africa by the rest of the world

LifeSiteNews.com has done an excellent job covering African Bishop's synod. See label Africa. Read more LSN coverage of the African Bishops' Synod .

"Cry of Anguish": African Synod Unveils Final Document Blasting Western Anti-Life Ideologies, Resource Exploitation

Nigerian archbishop says that the issue of the Church's efforts for AIDS sufferers "cannot be reduced to discussion over condoms."

By Hilary White

VATICAN CITY, October 23, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In their final document, the participants of the second Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for Africa have denounced the imposition of foreign anti-life and family ideologies, issued a stern call for holiness and repentance by political leaders, blasted resource exploitation by multinational corporations and called for a rethinking of Africa by the rest of the world.

At the penultimate press conference today at the Vatican's press office, John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan, archbishop of Abuja, Nigeria, said that the issue of the Church's efforts for AIDS sufferers "cannot be reduced to discussion over condoms."

Onaiyekan reiterated the Synod's final document, saying that the Church's work for those with the disease is "second to none" and "deserves greater publicity."

It is rarely mentioned in western media reports that the vast majority of work caring for people stricken with AIDS in Africa is done by the Catholic Church. "Many of those who go around distributing condoms will not go near anybody with HIV/AIDS," Onaiyekan added.

One member of the Vatican's press office staff told LifeSiteNews.com (LSN) of the frustration that some in Rome feel over the lack of media attention given to the Church's work in treating the sick and spoke of the difficulties involved in getting anti-retroviral drugs to those who need them in Africa. He said that the issue of caring for AIDS patients is being overlooked with the overweening emphasis on prevention with condoms, "and it's prevention that doesn't work."

The Synod's Summary, issued today, called for sustained assistance for those who already have the disease and noted that Pope Benedict had warned that AIDS "cannot be overcome by the distribution of prophylactics."

"We appeal to all who are genuinely interested in arresting the sexual transmission of HIV/AIDS to recognise the success already obtained by programmes that propose abstinence among those not yet married, and fidelity among the married.

"Such a course of action not only offers the best protection against the spread of this disease but is also in harmony with Christian morality."

The bishops added a note directly to young people, saying, "Let no one deceive you into thinking that you cannot control yourselves. Yes you can, with the grace of God."

In their Summary, the bishops focused on the imposition of anti-life and anti-woman ideologies. "All over Africa there is much talk about women's rights, especially through the plans of action of some UN agencies. Much of what they say is right and in line with what the Church has been saying."

The bishops called for "caution," however, in accepting financial aid for the projects being proposed by international aid organisations, which often come "with a hidden agenda." The bishops called on the foreign NGOs to be "more consistent and transparent in implementing their programmes."

"We urge the countries of Africa to carefully scrutinise the services being offered to our people, to ensure they are good for us." Most particularly, they said, the Synod "denounces all surreptitious attempts to destroy and undermine the precious African values of family and human life."

They referred directly the "obnoxious" (in Italian "detestabile") Maputo Protocol on women's rights. Pro-life organisations have long called for the retraction of the Protocol that they say is a direct attack on the African people because of its emphasis on "reproductive and sexual rights" that include abortion, contraception and sterilisation.

The bishops issued a strong warning over the corruption of some African politicians. Africa they said, needs "saints" in government "who will clean the continent of corruption, work for the good of the people," and end the evils of war and poverty devastating the continent. They called on governments in Africa to protect families, and to "remember that a nation whose legislation destroys its own families does so to its own detriment."

In what Onaiyekan called a "cry of anguish," the bishops also blasted multinational corporations exploiting African natural resources, demanding that they "stop their criminal devastation of the environment in their greedy exploitation." They accused these corporations of "short sighted policy to foment wars in order to make fast gains from chaos at the cost of human lives and blood."

"Is there no one out there able and willing to stop all these crimes against humanity?"

Nevertheless, the Summary called for an attitude of hope in the face of the colossal problems of Africa, the "abject poverty," war, genocides, exploitation, violent religious conflict, hunger and disease. The bishops said that the bad news, despite the emphasis of the media, does not make up the whole picture. A refrain for the Synod has been the need for African solutions to African problems and a reduction of the reliance on foreign aid, which, they have said, is too often offered with strings attached.

"We are challenged and encouraged by the African proverb which says that "an army of well organised ants can bring down an elephant." We should not be afraid of, less still be discouraged, by the enormity of the problems of our continent."

Almost 300 bishops have participated in the conference that began October 4 and wraps up tomorrow.

Read LSN coverage of the African Bishops' Synod ."

Pro-lifer vs Pro-Choicer debate at University of Victoria in Canada on YouTube now


Stephanie: part 1 and 2

Kluge: part 1,2 and 3

Stephanie: rebuttal part 1 and 2

Kluge: rebuttal

Q & A: part 1 and 2

President Obama signs into law new hate crimes law elevating some Americans deemed worthy of more protection then others

CBNNews.com has this report.

Below are voices of those who oppose hate crimes laws and notice it has nothing to do with hate.....

Hate Crimes passes house 281 to 146. Watch congressmen Gohmert speech on the floor concerning "hate crimes" bill being slipped into Defense Bill
Video: John McCain's comments on the Senate floor concerning Democrats push of Hate Crimes bill slipped into Defense Bill
Popular liberal blog The Daily Kos caught misrepresenting the position of many who oppose Hate Crimes
FactCheck.org needs some Fact Checking itself. First Amendment attorney tells why many are concerned about hate crimes bills that FactCheck misses.
Video from Family Research Council explaining why many oppose Hate Crimes Laws

And then below are further links with many examples of hate crime laws being used against people of faith out of the UK evidencing forth why many are concerned about hate crimes laws in the US with one video from below links to attract further investigation of Values Voter News readers...

Video of UK couple threatened with Hate Crime for asking library to have a book with another point of view on homosexuality
The Government in the UK is considering a bill that would force churches to accept practicing homosexuals in youth worker positions.
Prime Minister of England's "most influential adviser on gay issues affecting children" caught as pedophile ringleader. Brazil to censor christian TV.
People who oppose same-sex adoption are "retarded homophobes", , according to advice published by a Government-funded adoption charity.
Christianophobia continues to spread thruout the world in the name of homophobia. Polish catholic university censors family values point of view..
Grandparents denied visitation rights because of anti-gay stance in Scotland and Chile student's are taught that Christianity is discriminatory....
Brazilian president wants to "Criminalize words and acts offensive to homosexuality".
"Mr. Bean" wants protection of free speech to remain in "anti-homophobia" law....
Hundreds protest speakers in London who say Gays can change if they want to...
Anti-Christian intolerance from homosexual activists in Germany...
Parents appeal conviction for taking daughter out of sex ed in Germany....
Link to Pro-family and life activist in Brazil's blog who has fled to escape charges of "Homophobia"...
Christianophobia being introduced at the UN
Again, another employee in the UK gets disciplined for biblical views on sexuality.
Christian charity worker supsended after answering a colleagues questions about sexual ethics...
Another UK council worker gets suspended. Bosses told him that even saying "God bless" was unacceptable.
British nurse offers to pray for patient and then gets suspended in the name of equality and diversity.
School receptionist faces sack over prayer request in UK
200 year old Christian charity reveals the "institutionalised Christaphobia" of UK's Brighton Council and the council backs down...

Canadian student placed in isolation for whole day for standing for life

Related: Student Society at McGill University in Canada can't tolerate pro-life student club message
Pro-lifers under attack in our public institutions. Mid Schooler can't wear shirt (see image of shirt), Policeman takes picture of Jesus away and.....

Pro-Life Canadian Student Placed in Isolation for Joining Abortion Awareness Day

Petersborough, Canada (LifeNews.com) -- The story of a pro-life student in Canada is generating concerns for the pro-life group that sponsored the recent Pro-Life Silent Day of Solidarity. Jennifer Rankin arrived at Peninsula Shores ready to participate in the event but found herself placed in isolation.

Hundreds of thousands of pro-life advocates joined the silent day on Tuesday wearing red tape on their mouths or red armbands to protest the millions of abortions that take place in Canada and the United States.

Rankin joined them by wearing red tape and preparing to pass out a flier to anyone who asked her why she would remain silent throughout the school day.

Instead, a school principal alerted police and met Rankin and her mother at the entrance where she told them that the protest is not welcome at the school. Ultimately, school officials allowed Rankin into the building but kept her in isolation away from other students.

"I was taken directly into a small room that was opposite the vice-principal's office and I was in there all day," Rankin told the Petersborough Examiner newspaper. "I wasn't allowed to speak with or see any other students and students were not allowed to come and see me and I was isolated in that room for the entire day."

She told the paper that she feels she was subject to unfair discrimination because of her pro-life views.

"I felt very discriminated by it. I don't think it was right at all what happened," Rankin said.

School principal Pat Cavan told the Examiner that the protest violated school policy.

"School property is not a public place," Cavan said. "So while absolutely we support the right to free speech in a public space, that's not school property."

Cavan said she told Rankin about how she could not participate in the protest days in advance and Rankin was the only student to show interest after school officials stopped her and her friends last year.

Bryan Kemper, the head of Stand True ministries, the national sponsor of the Silent Day campaign, told LifeNews.com he is disappointed by the incident.

"What happened to Jennifer is atrocious and the principal of the school should be charged with child abuse. The punishment he gave Jennifer is that of a criminal charged with a violent crime, not a young girl who was speaking out for life and against violence," he said.

"I am in shock that the principal would be standing there with police cruisers waiting to arrest a child for voicing an opinio. This honestly sounds like a plot to some futuristic movie, this can't be the times we live in now can it?" he added.

Kemper called Jennifer a "true hero who should be applauded for her courage and willingness to sacrifice."

"I would be so proud if my daughters turned out as amazing as Jennifer," he said.

Related web sites:
Silent Day - http://www.silentday.org

Related: Donations to breast cancer research thru Susan Komen are also donations to fund abortions
Breast cancer linked to abortion denied by Avon and Susan B Komen Breast Cancer Foundation who gives money to Planned Parenthood.
Breast cancer surgeon and professor says abortion ups breast cancer risk and see label Pro-Life Studies

From LifeNews.com....

Mississippi Runners Get Komen Refund After Seeing Planned Parenthood Gifts

Jackson, MS (LifeNews.com) -- Runner in Mississippi who had pledged funds for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure got their money back after learning that the breast cancer research group has made donations to the Planned Parenthood abortion business and denies the abortion-breast cancer link.

A large group of Mississippi homeschoolers and their parents who frequently run for charitable causes signed up for the Komen race.

But after learning that Komen chapters gave more than $700,000 to Planned Parenthood in one year alone, they backed out and asked for a refund.

Steve Crampton of the homeschool cross-country running team "The Spartans" talked with the Internet web news site OneNewsNow.

"We asked [the Komen Foundation] for our money back, [and] they agreed to refund us graciously," he said.

Crampton told ONN that the pro-life runners came up with their own version of the race.

He said, "[But] rather than have a weekend where we didn't run at all, we decided [to try to] put something together ourselves. So it was pretty much last minute, but what has been birthed here is the 'Race for the Unborn.'"

Proceeds from the Race for the Unborn will support the Mississippi personhood amendment that some pro-life advocates are supporting to attempt to change the state constitution to recognize the unborn.

"We have many folks already pre-registered for the race. We expect it's going to be a great event," he told the news service. "So it's one of these occasions where we've, by God's grace, turned a negative into a wonderful positive -- and we think we can really do something to protect the unborn here."

When they support Komen, Americans may not be aware that Komen's own figures show it gave $711,485 from April 1, 2005 to March 31, 2006 to Planned Parenthood abortion businesses and at least $726,445 for 2006-2007. http://www.lifenews.com/nat5553.html

Susan G. Komen for the Cure spokeswoman Rebecca Gibson previously confirmed that at least 19 of the 122 Komen affiliates made grants to Planned Parenthood.

The amount of the grants from Komen affiliates to Planned Parenthood appears to be on the rise and 25 Komen affiliates now have a partnership with the abortion business.

Komen officials have dismissed the grants saying they are for breast cancer screenings, but pro-life advocates say the money is fungible and that it frees up funds Planned Parenthood could use for breast screenings but instead uses on abortions."

Breaking Video revealing two Stupaks: One that opposes tax payer funded abortions in ObamaCare and recently one that doesn't...

Update 10/30/2009 Long time respectable pro-life veteran Jill Stanek at JillStanek.com has this post concerning Stupak titled Remain calm about Stupak with this update from Democrats for Life "He has now 43 Democrats who said they would oppose the rule." This is indeed good news!!! For more on this issue concern see below.

Now back to what was originally posted

Found this video on The Heritage Foundation blog at How Pro-life Dems Will Justify Voting for Taxpayer-funded Abortions. According to the blog this town hall meeting recently occurred this Saturday. Values Voter News has been reporting on Stupak's strong pro-life stance as a Democrat over tax payer funding of abortion in ObamaCare as has many other pro-life groups. This video reveals another side of Stupak begging the question as to whether or not pro-life voters can trust pro-life Democrats on delivering a pro-life vote or is the anti-life Democrat party itself really in control thus revealing the necessity of voting Republican to get a real pro-life vote.

Pro-life Americans are watching and I am sure those in Michigan are even more so.

Watch and see why?

After watching the town hall meeting video above pay close attention to Stupak's responses in CSPAN video below after his town hall meeting especially as to what he will do whether or not he gets his pro-life amendment vote (see Video: Democrat says he has about 40 pro-life democrats that may just kill the health care reform bill. Watch why? for much more on other ways in which he may or may not get his vote in this process of passing the bill) and then the first caller and his comments that he is a Republican primarily because of the pro-life issue. How Stupak will vote will justify whether or not a pro-lifer can support a pro-life politician in an anti-life party?

Related: Video: Democrat says he has about 40 pro-life democrats that may just kill the health care reform bill. Watch why?
Democrat leaders may not allow vote on pro-life health amendment cause it may pass says AP

Abortion rates in Ohio are at an all-time low

Related: CDC report shows that abortion and pregnancy rates dropped to historic lows from 1990-2005. Abortion rate by more than 1/3. - "Below is report that abortion rates are at historic lows. Guttmacher Institute claims that contraceptives are what is reducing the abortion rate but before you except that claim check out: Study comparing states who took the Bush administration's abstinence funding vs those who did not
Young women who entered British tax payer funded government program designed to reduce pregnancy were "significantly" more likely to become pregnant.
French abortions fail to decrease even after increase in contraception says French National Institute of Demographic Studies
Texas vs the UK on safe sex and use of tax payer's money
Abstinence-based education in Texas is working. Teen pregnancies down 24% and abortions down 41%
American Tax Payers will not only be funding abortions but will be funding programs that increase them.
States with higher numbers of adults who identify themselves as "pro-life" have lower rates of abortion among both teenage and adult women.

Not only that but here is a rebuttal to Guttmacher Institute claim that legalizing abortions yields more and doesn't make them any safer.

From LifeNews.com...

Ohio Report Shows Abortion Numbers Drop 4 Percent in 2008 to All-Time Low

Columbus, OH (LifeNews.com) -- With a combination of pro-life legislative and educational work to go alongside the efforts of crisis pregnancy centers, a new report shows Ohio abortions on the decline. The state government report indicates abortions dropped 4 percent in 2008 to an all-time low.

The 2008 Report on Induced Abortions in Ohio released today by the Ohio Department of Health shows a significant downward trend in the total number of abortions done in the Buckeye state.

The report shows 29,613 abortions were done in 2008, which is a four percent decrease from the 2007 number of 30,859.

Since 1976, when the Ohio state health department made its first concerted effort to report abortion totals statewide, abortions have decreased by 23%.

"We are winning the fight against those who push abortion as the first and sometimes only choice for women in crisis," Ohio Right to Life executive director Mike Gonidakis told LifeNews.com today.

"While we take great joy that the collective efforts of Ohio's pro-life community are making significant strides in ending abortions, the total number is staggering," he added.

The report listed a comparative table of abortions between 2008 and 1997 and found abortions declined 35% among women 18 years old and younger and 22% among women 20-24 years old. The report also noted abortions dropped 19% among women 25 years and older.

Abortions dropped among all race categories as well with a 30 percent decline for white women, a 10 percent drop for African-American women, and a 15 percent drop for other race groups.

The report also detailed demographic information regarding women obtaining abortions, Ohio Right to Life noted, and found 18% of women getting abortions were less than 20 years old, 34% were between 20 and 24 years old while 47% were older than 24.

Some 83 percent of women getting abortions in Ohio last year were unmarried while 56 percent were white and 42 percent were black -- which is a significantly higher proportion of blacks getting abortions compared with the racial makeup of the state.

"Ohio Right to Life and our life-affirming crisis pregnancy centers help women see that they have real alternatives to abortion," Gonidakis said. "We will continue to promote life-affirming options including adoption and will work to increase the understanding that abortion hurts not only the unborn, but also the women who have them."

Related web sites:
Ohio Right to Life - http://www.ohiolife.org"

Democrat leaders may not allow vote on pro-life health amendment cause it may pass says AP

From LifeSiteNews.com...

Dem Leaders Plan to Block Vote on Pro-Life Health Amendment, Fearing It Otherwise "Certain to Prevail": AP

By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 23, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A final attempt to block a vast federal policy shift in favor of abortion will not be granted a vote as the U.S. House of Representatives considers President Obama's health care bill, because Democrat leaders fear the attempt would likely succeed, reports the Associated Press today.

As the health care bill prepares for a final battle on the House floor, Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak of Michigan is going head-to-head against his own party leaders, who are steadily pressuring him and about two dozen other pro-life Democrats to fall in line behind the abortion-promoting measure.

After his work to include abortion-blocking language in earlier versions of the bill that was thwarted at every turn, Stupak has vowed one more effort at a pro-life amendment on the House floor.

But Associated Press writer Erica Wagner reports that, since a pro-life amendment would likely attract support from both parties, Democratic leaders plan to block Stupak from offering it: "Such an amendment would be almost certain to prevail, since it likely would attract the votes of most Republicans as well as some Democrats. So Democratic leaders won't let Stupak offer it."

If the vote is blocked, Stupak has repeatedly vowed that he and other pro-life lawmakers will resort to a last-ditch effort to thwart the measure by assembling "no" votes on a procedural measure that needs to pass before debate can begin.

Because of an amendment that pro-abortion Rep.s Henry Waxman and Lois Capps pushed through the House Energy and Commerce Committee in July, the House bill explicitly opens the subsidies collected under the public plan to abortion, directs subsidy monies to plans that cover abortion, and requires each U.S. region to have an insurance plan that covers abortion. The Capps amendment largely mirrors language found in the Senate Finance Committee's version of the bill.

This week, the House Democrats launched its first official survey feeling out how lawmakers will likely vote on the health care overhaul - a traditional time for leaders to focus pressure on lawmakers who have strayed from the party line.

Stupak, whose pro-life amendment was rejected in the July meeting, has taken a leading role alongside GOP pro-life lawmakers against the bill's vast expansion of abortion. Stupak lightheartedly referred to his disagreement with Rep. Waxman, with whom he has continued discussing the abortion issue. "I'm a little taller. Our minds don't meet," said Stupak of the shorter Waxman.

Waxman, like other Democrat leadership including Nancy Pelosi, President Obama, and White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, continued to deny that the money directed to abortion providers under the bill qualifies as "federal funding for abortion services." "We have done everything we can to ensure that there will be no federal funds for abortion services," said Waxman.

The Capps amendment contains a provision to segregate federal funds to abortion-covering plans such that none would pay for abortions directly. However, as the funds would nonetheless free up other money to pay for abortions, the National Right to Life Committee's legislative director Douglas Johnson decried the measure as a "bookkeeping scam" designed to give the amendment the appearance of a compromise measure.

See related LifeSiteNews.com coverage:

183 Congressional Reps Tell Speaker Pelosi: No Abortion Coverage, or No Health-Care Bill

Healthcare Vote Pushed Back to September

House Pro-Abortion Health Amendment Passes: Pro-Life Amendment Passed then Struck Down

AP confirms Gibbs is wrong on Hyde Amendment protecting federal tax dollars funding abortions via ObamaCare

Pro-lifers are right once again. Watch video below and then read article that AP confirms the video even though White House press secretary said otherwise.

LifeNews.com reports....

AP Confirms Hyde Amendment Doesn't Prevent Abortion Funding in Health Care

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- White House press secretary Robert Gibbs may want to add a Friday news story from the Associated Press to his to-do list today. The article disabuses Gibbs on claims he made in recent weeks saying the Hyde amendment prevent taxpayer-funding of abortion in the health care bills.

The Associated Press acknowledges what pro-life groups have been saying all along -- that the Hyde amendment, which stops abortion funding in Medicaid, doesn't apply to these new health care bills.

"Currently a law called the Hyde amendment bars federal funding for abortion - except in cases of rape and incest or if the mother's life would be endangered - and applies those restrictions to Medicaid," AP writer Erica Werner reports. "Separate laws apply the restrictions to the federal employee health plan and military and other programs."

"But the Democrats' health overhaul bill would create a new stream of federal funding not covered by the restrictions," AP confirms.

As LifeNews.com reported October 7, Gibbs said during a press briefing that, referring to the Hyde amendment, "there's a law that precludes the use of federal funds for abortion. That isn't going to be changed in these health care bills."

"Again, there's a fairly well-documented federal law that prevents it," he claimed.

Gibbs repeated the claim the next day when challenged by a reporter with a follow-up question, saying "there's a fairly clear federal law prohibiting the federal use of money for abortion."

National Right to Life federal legislative director Douglas Johnson responded to the AP article in comments to LifeNews.com and said it is right about Hyde not applying to the health care bills.

"The AP clearly and accurately reports that," he said.

"That is important, because the press secretary for the president has said three times in recent weeks that existing law would prevent funding of abortions under the health care legislation -- even though the White House understands as well as the AP does that this is not true," Johnson told LifeNews.com.

Johnson said the AP story was a good start to pointing out how the health care bills fund abortions, but not a complete treatment.

"There are at least two major pro-abortion components in the House bill. The AP story does a pretty good job of explaining one of them -- the new program that would provide government subsidies to help people buy private health insurance," he said.

"As the story explains, the pro-life side is fighting to prevent these new subsidies from going to plans that cover elective abortion," Johnson added.

"But there is a glaring omission in the AP story," he noted.

The AP article "fails to mention that the bill also creates a nationwide health plan that the federal government would operate directly, the 'public plan' and explicitly authorizes this government program to pay for elective abortions."

"Under the bill, the federal government would directly fund abortions, using federal funds, under the public plan -- a sharp break from decades of federal policy," he added."

Excellent Video: FRC responds to liberal media bias and the White House with the evidence on tax payer funded abortions in health care reform

A lesson in bias and tax payer funded abortions in ObamaCare. Excellent video by Family Research Council.

Another video they have just released concerning the cost of health care.

The Heritage Foundation has these comments concerning the above video on their blog at What Child Labor Laws?

"A new ad on health care from Family Research Council plants tongue firmly in cheek to make a serious point....

The earliest identified use of the phrase, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” dates, fittingly enough, to the Depression Era. And what is true of free lunches, is true of free health care: they do not exist. The deficits being contemplated in the bills now being crafted behind closed doors in Washington, D.C. stretch as far as the eye can see, and what the eye sees are future generations that will have to pay many times over for what we’re consuming now.

The bills that will come due for today’s children and their own offspring include not only the nearly $12 trillion the nation owes now, but the doubling of that amount the Obama Administration projects for the next decade, as well as unfunded liabilities in Medicare that are estimated as high as $36 trillion. So it’s only wise to tell the kids to “get their coats and grab their hats,” even if where they’re headed isn’t the sunny side of the street."

The Two Hang Ups currently blocking passage of health care reform: one in the House and one in the Senate

In the House tax payer funded abortions in health care reform. In addition to video below do see an excellent 30 minute interview of Stupak at CNSNews.com at Video: Democrat says he has about 40 pro-life democrats that may just kill the health care reform bill. Watch why? very informative on the process of these bills passing.

In the Senate the public option is the Hang Up.

Here is Senator Lieberman's speech on the Senate floor in context of a debate over a health care issue prior to this one on 10/21/2009 (see Values Voter News post at Breaking News: First Senate vote on ObamaCare fails big time.) to give Values Voter News readers a context of Lieberman's concerns over Health Care Reform and then note comments of speaker after him

I think that a lot of people may think that the public option is free. It’s not. It’s going to cost the taxpayers and people that have health insurance now, and if it doesn’t, it’s going to add terribly to our national debt.”-Lieberman

“...all the history we have of health entitlement programs, including the two big ones that I dearly support, Medicare and Medicaid, is that they end up costing more than we’re prepared to pay, and they add to the debt, and then they add to the burden on taxpayers.”-Lieberman

I would vote against a public option plan even with an opt-out because it still creates a whole new government entitlement program for which taxpayers will be on the line.”-Lieberman

Found quotes at Morning Bell: Is Government Run Health Care Inevitable?

October has been a great month for the unborn in media coverage: New York Times, then CNN, then NBC and now again CNN

Update 11/4/2009: Two other interesting happenings that should be noted along with post below update is: During 40 days for life campaign a Planned Parenthood director watches ultrasound of an abortion and later quits job in early November and Genocide Awareness Project hits liberal University of CA at Berkely with disturbing yet powerful images and comments from October too.

Now back to the original post...

First, the New York Times covers the pro-life movement and abortion photographer back in mid October and then NBC does a POWERFUL episode of Law & Order sympathetic to the pro-life cause a couple of days ago and now CNN has this article that actually allows pro-lifer Troy Newman a say in the article. (See video and links below) . Troy said, "Not a perfect article. But it better than what I thought CNN would do." Not to forget that CNN covered about a million protesters protesting in Spain in support of the unborn (see Video" 1 million prolife protesters in Spain. CNN actually covers it but what about America's annual pro-life protests?).

You will notice that all of these posts Values Voter News found via JillStanek.com (#9 political blog on wikio). A must subscribe to feed or blog to visit daily along with LifeNews.com and LifeSiteNews.com (which are other major sources Values Voter News gets its pro-life news from) for your news from a pro-life perspective. Both of which are in the top 80,000 sites in the world according to Alexa.com. These three sites will keep you well informed as to the pro-life perspective in world news. LifeSiteNews does a great job internationally, LifeNews.com does a great job nationally in the US concerning bills and more and then JillStanek.com does a great job in blogging and posting videos and making arguments and comments in support of the unborn. Not only that but through those three sites you find ample more sites.

So if you believe the unborn should have more coverage and attention then they currently get in the media and wish to be better informed then get subscribing in some form to the above three sites.

Now for the latest article. See CNN article at The abortionist and his No.1 foe below are videos from CNN in YouTube format from JillStanek.com.

Pro-Lifer Troy Newman

Abortionist Leroy Carhart

Bozell has this interesting video concerning the recent smears of Rush Limbaugh

Actually, two weeks ago. See Rush Limbaugh smeared by CNN and MSNBC via wikipedia as MRC demanded proof of the smears giving more reason to protest Big Media on 10/17/2009 and Black Minister demands apology of media and Bozell at Media Research Center says to CNN and MSNBC, "I hope you all have good lawyers."

Rush has a history of being smeared by those on the left and in below related posts are evidence of previous smears: Obama's Web Site Changes without an Apology
Is Obama using smear tactics on "the most listened to radio talk show in America"?
The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee launches a big time smear campaign against Rush and conservative talk radio...
Diane Sawyer smears Rush. Obama advisor and Democrat strategist slams Palin and Rush.
Video of Rush Limbaugh making some valid points on the credibility of Big Media and alternative media sources.

Update 10/28/2009 12:28 PM

Also, note that recently Rush has criticized his own party concerning a Republican in New York running for office in a district there. See Rush Limbaugh livid: GOP has death wish. Republicans "...as dangerous to this country as the Democrat Party is...". So for those who say he is only about criticizing democrats and liberals this is not true. Rush is about conservatism and he gets criticized for being a staunch in your face conservative which speaks his mind and has great influence. He will criticize a white politician as much as a black politician if that politician's politics are in his view anti-American which would be anti-conservative. After listening to Rush for sometime it will become quite clear that he would vote for a black conservative President over a white liberal one any day.

If you see Rush in that context (which is a context quite evidenced by years of talk radio) then his comments as a sports commentator concerning Donovan McNabb will give you a proper and full understanding of why Rush said what he said and it had nothing to do with racism. If you see Rush in the context of how the media has falsely portrayed him then you will have a slandered media version of who they want you to see Rush as. All this bad media attention has to do with is defaming and slandering a strong influential conservative American along with those who listen to him so that Americans will ignore what conservative Americans have to say by falsely painting us as racist.

Related: It's not about race and hate but about Government waste. 50 examples given and a $1.4 trillion deficit and they continue to spend. Unbelievable.
Tax payers funding free golf carts? Private Jet, airports, unnecessary road sign advertisments for the stimulus package and now this.

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