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Obama's connection with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ignored in Big Media. The Fact that Bush tried to reform Freddie and Fannie ignored in Big Media.

I just watched this video posted on Hot Air called "Burning Down the House" which takes a 10 minute look at the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and how it was used to push banks into sub-prime mortgages which distorted the market and created the housing bubble.

This is a good video, but as Ed Morrisey says:

A few clarifications should be made. This video lays all of the blame on Democrats, which is a natural reaction in an election year, but that lets a lot of Republicans off the hook. In 2003, the Bush administration tried to stop the runaway train of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and Republicans controlled both chambers of Congress. Democrats alone didn’t stop this. No one filibustered the Bush administration’s bill in the Senate; it didn’t have the votes to pass anyway. Likewise in 2006, when Chuck Hagel, John McCain, John Sununu, and Elizabeth Dole attempted to fix Fannie and Freddie, Republicans controlled Congress and did nothing to pass this bill. Democrats blocked it, but without some help from Republicans, both efforts would have passed easily.
This is not just a Democratic or a Republican party problem at this point, it's everyone's problem. Both parties should take responsibility and stop playing partisan politics. You may watch the video below."-From www.OneNewsNow.com

Some other points of view on the mortgage crisis then what Big Media allows to be aired

Even though the New York Times blamed McCain for ties with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who was the number 2 recipient of contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac according to the very same article? Obama or McCain.

Networks, Once Silent on Fannie Mae, Blame Capitalism for Debacle-"As politicians point fingers over who created the financial mess that has taken down major Wall Street players and resulted in the government takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the broadcast media’s role in the disaster has been largely overlooked.

It was the TV news media that practically ignored mounting problems – including accounting scandals – at Fannie Mae and her brother Freddie Mac until it was too late.

This year between Jan. 1 and July 14, the network news media barely touched on problems with the two government-sponsored entities (GSEs) and neglected to mention its scandal-ridden past.

NBC’s “Today” show hinted at problems with Fannie and Freddie on July 14 when Andrea Mitchell reported Sen. John McCain’s, R-Ariz., reaction to a bailout:

“John McCain also says the survival of the mortgage giants is essential, despite some of their past practices,” said Mitchell. Viewers were left to wonder what those “past practices” could have been. Here are a few hints: billions of dollars in accounting scandals, millions of dollars in fines, stock prices that have plummeted, connections to prominent Democratic politicians and a high-risk portfolio.

But a Sept. 23 Wall Street Journal op-ed written by Charles W. Calomiris, finance and economics professor at Columbia Business School, and Peter J. Wallison, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, laid the blame for the current financial crisis at the feet of Fannie and Freddie.

The poor choices of these two government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) – and their sponsors in Washington – are largely to blame for our current mess,” Calomiris and Wallison said.

As problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac intensified in August and September 2008, the media switched to attacks on deregulation and Republicans.

Jim Cramer, of CNBC’s “Mad Money,” said on ABC’s “Nightline” Sept. 17 that on cause was “whole nations basically that allowed regulations go by the wayside so anybody could do anything.”

CBS News also blamed “too little government regulation” for Fannie and Freddie’s failure. On Sept. 8, CBS asked, “What brought these financial powerhouses to the brink of collapse? Critics say it was a combination of the companies’ political clout and too little government regulation.”

As if blaming deregulation wasn’t enough, The New York Times online attacked Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., on Sept. 24 for ties to Freddie Mac, but glossed over Sen. Barack Obama’s, D-Ill., connection to Fannie and Freddie. And never mind Barney Frank’s (see related story).

The Times story buried campaign contribution figures for both candidates until the very last paragraph of the 1,401 word story. According to the article, since 2004 “Senator Obama has received about $126,000 in contributions from employees of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, while Senator McCain, over the last decade, has received about $22,000, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.”

Obama was the
number 2 recipient of contributions from Fannie and Freddie, compared to McCain’s 62 – but the Times didn’t mention that.

The warnings didn’t start in 2008. In 2004, as The Wall Street Journal declared Fannie Mae was “cooking the books” to the tune of $11 billion dollars, ABC, CBS and NBC were almost silent. A search of LexisNexis for “Fannie Mae,” at the height of the scandal (June 1, 2004 to Mar. 1, 2005) turned up a paltry 37 stories.

During that time CBS only referenced Fannie Mae five times – although in one the network did call the situation an “accounting scandal.” The words “Fannie Mae” didn’t show up once for ABC, while CNN registered only 31 hits – less than 3 percent of the coverage it gave the Enron scandal over a similar time period.

Even in 2008, the network news media has mentioned Enron more than Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac combined.

Unlike TV reporters, print journalists warned of Fannie’s and Freddie’s accounting problems for years, extended risk and cozy Washington, D.C. relationships for more than six years.

As far back as 2002, The Wall Street Journal was comparing Fannie Mae to Enron in its editorial pages. A Feb. 20, 2002 editorial entitled “Fannie Mae Enron?” exposed the high debt and poor risk management of Fannie and Freddie.

“The more we’ve since looked at Fan and Fred the more they look like poorly run hedge funds: lots of leverage and snarkily hedged risk. The word Enron ring any bells?” said the Journal editorial.

It turned out that Fannie Mae’s financial fiasco was – at that time – 19 times bigger than Enron’s. Yet, the TV news media on ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC barely made a peep. Now with the federal bailout, that number is much higher.

So why were Fannie and Freddie given a free pass by the broadcast media? It might have something to do with their mission of helping low-income families buy homes.

In 2004, Newsweek’s Charles Gasparino said in a CNN appearance, “Well, Fannie Mae is a very politically corrupt – it may be politically corrupt, but it’s a politically correct company. I mean, they do all the things that, let’s face, liberal journalists like, like put home mortgages out there for poor people. And so right now, beating up on Fannie Mae is kind of politically incorrect.”

Gasparino admitted that “This is a huge story, and it’s going overlooked.”

Judging by 2008 media coverage of the issue, Fannie and Freddie are apparently still politically correct enough to not be blamed for their bad behavior.

When Watchdogs Snore: How ABC, CBS & NBC Ignored Fannie & Freddie-"The two mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae -- seized by the government September 7 before they went completely bankrupt, at a potential cost to taxpayers of more than $25 billion -- have been in obvious trouble for much of the past five years -- with criminal investigations, accounting scandals, firings, resignations, huge losses and warnings from the Federal Reserve that their huge portfolio of mortgage securities posed a risk to the overall financial system.
But prior to this year, the watchdogs at ABC, CBS and NBC found time for only 10 stories on the financial health and management of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. A review of the three networks' morning and evening news programs from January 1, 2003 through December 31, 2007 found nine anchor-read items or brief references to the companies troubles, plus one in-depth report by CBS's Anthony Mason on the May 23, 2006 Evening News, after Fannie Mae was fined $400 million for accounting fraud....It's not that the networks eschew business news. A 2005 report from the MRC's Business and Media Institute found heavy coverage of the scandal surrounding Enron, but no interest in the growing scandal surrounding Fannie Mae: "A LexisNexis search of ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN on the term 'Enron' from the nine months around when the story first broke -- Oct. 1, 2001, to July 1, 2002, produced 3,017 hits....A similar LexisNexis search was performed for the term 'Fannie Mae' for those same media, from June 1, 2004, to March 1, 2005, again during the time the story was breaking. This search discovered a paltry 37 matches." See: http://www.businessandmedia.org/specialreports/2005/fannie_mae/fannie_mae.asp

See Bush and McCain blamed for bad economy? What the media is not telling you about Obama's tax cuts for 95% of Americans?! Introducing abortion survivor! and scroll down to Big media stupendously uncritical of Obama's Tax Cut plan and the last article in that section: "Actually, a little -- two years ago, I warned that the oversight of Fannie and Freddie was, was terrible, that we were facing a crisis because of it, or certainly serious problems"-McCain..."In fact, it was Democrats who blocked Bush administration proposals to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2003. 2003 New York Times article that detailed efforts by Democrats to block reforms: query.nytimes.com."-See also, Media is not giving you the whole Mortgage Crisis story: Fannie and Freddie is Enron x 19/Microsoft Sized Monopoly/Leading Compaign Giver and Lobbyist."

Scapegoating Tax Cuts-"Stephen Moore reported in December 2007 that the top 1 percent of income earners pay about 37 percent of all income taxes. That is more than they were paying before the Bush tax cuts and way more than they would have paid had the Bush tax cuts not been enacted. The Treasury Department estimates that had the cuts not gone into effect, the top 1 percent would have paid 31 percent. Thus, the wealthy, while paying lower marginal rates, are paying a greater percentage of the taxes, just as those dastardly supply-siders predicted. The top 10 percent, by the way, are paying 68 percent under the cuts, while Treasury estimates that they would have paid 63 percent without the cuts....How about the top 5 percent -- the group particularly targeted for punishment by Obama and Biden? Remember, their plan is to lower taxes for 95 percent.

Currently, the top 5 percent is paying 57 percent of all income taxes. If only 5 percent paying 57 percent is not enough, can you tell me what would be, especially when you consider that the bottom 50 percent of income earners pay less than 4 percent of all income taxes?

If Obama is going to cut taxes for 95 percent, how much will he have to raise taxes on the other 5 percent just to compensate for the lost revenue from the 95 percent? A supply-sider might say, "Not much at all because reducing marginal rates (to a point) increases revenues." But anti-supply-siders such as Obama can't say that without exposing themselves to further fraud. They dispute the premise.

Espousing a zero-sum analysis on tax rates and revenue, they believe that tax cuts necessarily reduce revenues. Thus, they owe us an explanation as to how much more the top 5 percent will have to pay just to have a net zero effect on revenues. And how much more than that to yield a net increase in revenues?

But even if Obama could achieve a net revenue increase under his plan, he still must explain how increased revenue would have prevented or alleviated the mortgage crisis. And, Sen. Obama, please don't give us some convoluted nonsense about deficit reductions being a panacea, because no matter how harmful deficits might be, they had nothing to do with this mortgage crisis.

The crisis has largely been caused by reckless liberal do-goodism and corruption, not Bush tax policy.

Regardless, these inconvenient truths won't keep Obama from scapegoating the Bush tax cuts because this isn't about changing policies to strengthen the economy; it's about stoking the fires of class envy to divide and alienate Americans..."

The Hair of the Dog-"The private sector got us into this mess. The government has to get us out of it," said Barney Frank, which illustrates why conservatives often say liberals have a socialist bent.

Free market conservatives understand that many problems have been caused by government's officious intermeddling in the private sector. The subprime mortgage crisis is no exception.

History has shown that liberal prescriptions don't work, but when they fail, liberals invariably not only deny responsibility for their do-gooder manipulation but also insist on even more government intrusion....

For example, many of our health care problems can be traced to increased government control and the reduction of market forces. Yet the liberal solution is full-blown nationalized health care....Which brings us back to the current subprime mortgage crisis. When we strip away all the complexity, we discover that social planning largely led to this debacle. Government politicians and bureaucrats forced lending institutions to make un-creditworthy loans and helped create unnatural demand in the housing market by priming the pump on bad loans. This created an unnatural price bubble in real estate, which was securing these ill-advised loans. When the bubble inevitably burst, the mortgages secured by the artificially inflated real estate plummeted in value, which left us with an epidemic of grossly under-secured loans.

Now the stability of our entire financial system is said to be at risk. It's so bad that even conservatives are considering supporting an unprecedented plan approaching a trillion dollars to "bail out" the financial industry...Wouldn't it be a refreshing surprise if liberals, who created this monster of a financial mess by their incorrigible commitment to the magic of government, would participate in good faith -- instead of partisan exploitation -- to find a solution?"

Other News that reveals Liberal Bias in different ways

In the University

Palin-bashing arrives on campus-"A college student in Denver is creating a stir after notifying the media that her English professor gave her classmates an anti-Sarah Palin writing assignment. Janna Barber is a student at Metro State College in Denver, Colorado, where she attends an English class taught by Andrew Hallam -- who she describes as a "self-styled liberal Bush basher." The controversy began when Hallam gave an assignment that directed his students to write an essay contradicting what he called the "fairy tale image" of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Furthermore, according to Barber, Hallam asked Republican students to identify themselves, and then he sat back and laughed while other students ridiculed them and shouted four-letter obscenities. This upset Barber, who filed a complaint with the school and brought the matter to the attention of the local CBS affiliate. Since then she has appeared on Fox News and the O'Reilly Factor. Matt Barber is Janna's older brother and the director of cultural affairs at Liberty Counsel. He says the school has been "obstinate" about the incident thus far......But Matt says since the story broke, Hallam has announced the assignment will include other political figures such as Barack Obama and John McCain. Regardless, Matt contends the damage is already done. He also believes this problem is not isolated. "So I would encourage -- and I know Janna is encouraging -- other Republican and conservative students on campuses around the country to stand up and expose their professors who are trying to brainwash students on college campuses," says Matt. The local CBS affiliate quotes a school spokesperson who acknowledged that while it is the responsibility of the school to provide opportunity for critical thinking and civic engagement, Hallem "should have broadened [the assignment] and included all the political figures."

UMass Chaplain Urges Students to Campaign for Obama-"A chaplain at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst sent an email to students last week offering them independent study credits if they campaigned for Barack Obama in New Hampshire, according to the Associated Press.Chaplain Kent Higgins wrote: “If you’re scared about the prospects for this election, you’re not alone. The most important way to make a difference in the outcome is to activate yourself. It would be just fine with McCain if Obama supporters just think about helping, then sleep in and stay home between now and Election Day.”According to University officials, Higgins wasn’t authorized to offer such credits, and that they had not approved his actions."

In the grade school

Colorado 5th Grader Suspended For Anti-Obama Shirt-"FoxNews reports: “An 11-year-old in Aurora says his first amendment rights are being trampled after he was suspended for wearing a homemade shirt that reads ‘Obama is a terrorist’s best friend.’”

Son of Democratic legislator focus of Palin e-mail probe-"FBI agents have raided the apartment of a University of Tennessee student in connection with the alleged hacking of the personal e-mail of vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. According to The Chattanoogan, the student in question is David Kernell, son of a Democratic state legislator from Memphis. Mike Kernell has acknowledged that it is his son who is under investigation. The report says a federal grand jury is set to convene in Chattanooga tomorrow to deal with the case. The McCain-Palin campaign is calling the hacking "a shocking invasion of the governor's privacy and a violation of the law."

Judge steps down in Palin investigation-"Sasser says those individuals in question are outspoken supporters of Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate for president. "It is a rogue investigation now," says Sasser. "You've got two prominent Democrats who stand to have their side gain now by this investigation -- and they've come out saying all kinds of statements in the press prejudging the evidence before there's even been a meeting of the Legislative Council to review any so-called evidence." Sasser says Liberty Legal Institute must find another judge to hear their suit. They are seeking an injunction to either stop the investigation or at least replace the leaders with truly impartial individuals."

Ever Heard of George Obama?-"The media has been all over Sarah Palin’s family. We all know about her brother-in-law who admitted tasering his son, and about her pregnant teenage daughter.But until I read Dinesh D'Souza's column today, I hadn’t heard of Barack Obama’s half-brother, George Obama. George lives in a 6-foot-by-10-foot hut in Kenya, getting by on one dollar a month. According to D’Souza, Barack, “who made $4 million last year, hasn’t lifted a finger to help his half-brother.”D’Souza has started a fund to help George, and so far he’s raised $2,000, mostly from very modest contributions.D’Souza’s campaign has been reported by Kenya’s leading newspaper, “The Nation.” When asked by the newspaper if he was doing this to embarrass Obama, D’Souza replied that he was. “He deserves to be embarrassed.”

Two new movies coming out. Great Great Grandson of William Wilberforce compares the pro-life movement with the abolition of the slave trade.

Dr Dobson responds to Barbara Walters, Whoopi and The View

Dr. Dobson Sets 'The View' Straight-Here Dobson's response!!! See my report on the Values Voter Summit below. Has nothing to do with racism. Actually many speakers were African American like Michael Steele, Bishop Harry Jackson, Star Parker, Kent Blackwell and probabily many more. I wonder why they didn't mention these reputable African American speakers and why did they make such a point of pointing out only Focus on the Family and not all the other reputable sponsors that had nothing to do with this and actually when found out took that booth away. The point was not to make a racist point but rather to point out how Obama waffles on issues. But either way it was taken down because of the concerns.

You will also, find an email where you can email Barbara Walters your concerns. Here is my Email:

Dear Barbara,

Out of an attempt to maintain good relations amongst the right and the left on the political spectrum I feel "The View" had gone overboard on creating a perception of Focus on the Family Action that was a false perception to your viewers and thus damaging relations amongst many in our politically diverse nation.

I just found out about this today so if your show has made a correction to this perception then great. Please do let me know by emailing me back.

If not then your show is doing just what your show doesn't want to do or at least I don't think so anyways. Maybe "The View" doesn't have good relations amongst conservative in mind and if that is why your show ended up the way it did then fine. What can I do it is your show and not mine and you can do what you like with what is your own?

However, if you are trying to maintain any objectivity and good relations toward conservatives then you may like to have a public correction of this misperception. What should have also been reproted on your show for balance sake and true perception sake is that this Values Voter Summit was in no way racist as evidenced by Bishop Harry Jackson, Star Parker, Michael Steele, Dr Alveda King (Dr Martin Luther King Jr's Niece!!!! at an event sponsored by Focus on the Family Action) and Kent Blackwell and probabily others all of which are African American. I think that is a very important point when one is relating racism to a political event and those sponsoring it.

I bet that if this were a liberal event that none of this would have been reported on your show or at least not without giving another side to the story like simply pointing out the many African American reputable speakers at the event.

Your show only hurts relations when your show did not report this situation fairly. I hope you come to find it within yourself to consider an apology or not even an apology just a simple update to present further facts about the Values Voter Summit.

If I were to watch that episode and that is all I heard of conservatives and the Values Voter Summit and Focus on the Family Action I would come to a very false impressions of these groups and when I found out about the false impression I would then be coming to a very true reality of liberal bias on "The View".

Please do respond to my email in some fashion. Thank you very much, TB
-- https://valuesvoternews.com/


New Movie: "An American Carol" and http://www.fireproofthemovie.com/. Click on links to check into them.

Behind the scenes of 'Fireproof'-"Interested in knowing some of the "behind the scenes" stories surrounding the making of Fireproof, the latest movie from Sherwood Pictures? Interviews with Alex and Stephen Kendrick, actors Kirk Cameron and Erin Bethea, even the head makeup artist -- and stories about how God showed up numerous times in the making of the film, which opens in theaters on Friday, September 26.

Behind the scenes of Fireproof, Take 1

Behind the scenes of Fireproof, Take 2

Look for our review of Fireproof on Friday, Sept. 26

Also, you may view September's AFA Journal article written about Fireproof - Review by Rebecca Grace"

State by State Senate races getting tight for Colorado and New Mexico

New Mexico update:-Pearce closest he has ever been according to Rasmussen polls:

Also, Pearce lets TV audience know where Udall stood twice voting to not ban Partial Birth Abortion. A ban that was held up to be constitutional by the Supreme Court. So no constitutional excuses that this may overturn Roe vs Wade on this one.

07/25/2008 Rasmussen poll update-Pearce gains 3 percentage points from June poll but still well behind Udall. 59% to 34%.
08/20/2008 Rasmussen poll update-Pearce gains ground on Rasmussen Poll from last months Rasmussen Poll. 51% to 41% still in favour of Udall.
09/08/2008 Rasmussen poll update-Pearce gains ground now 51% to 44% but Udall still up.

Colorado update-Schaffer closest he has ever been according to Rasmussen polls:

Also, the Colorado personhood amendment gets endorsement by great, great grandson of William Wilberforce who said if William were around today he would be working on abolishing the abortion trade. Click above for more...

07/22/2008 Rasmussen Poll-Schaffer gains ground but still behind 47% to 43%.
08/20/2008 Rasmussen Poll-Schaffer loses some ground Udall up 50% to 42%.
09/23/2008 Rasmussen Poll-Schaffer regains ground but Udall still up 46% to 44%.

Jul 14, 2008 — Watch Schaffer & Udall Debate Part 1 of 4
Jul 14, 2008 — Watch Schaffer & Udall Debate Part 2 of 4
Jul 14, 2008 — Watch Schaffer & Udall Debate Part 3 of 4
Jul 14, 2008 — Watch Schaffer & Udall Debate Part 4 of 4

Arizona update:

There is not Senate race this year for Arizona but there are 3 congressional races and all I have been able to muster up so far is below"

Here is a conservative voter guide from Arizona Catholic Conference-it looks like the democrats running for all 3 position in Arizona failed to answer the survey while all Republicans did. This should tell you that Democrats in the congress in Arizona are not concerned with Values Voter Issues whereas Republicans are. So keep this in mind as you vote for you congressional politician.

McCain vs Obama in the polls

By the way McCain seemed to loose his lead and was down 5 points and then they tied and the last I checked Obama is up by 3 points in the polls and up in the electoral college by the 3 polling groups I know of. http://www.pollster.com/, http://www.fivethirtyeight.com/ and http://www.electoral-vote.com/.


What ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS are sadly missing? Planned Parenthood removes offensive videos after we the people instead of YouTube have censored it!!!-A powerful 5 minute slide video recording Obama's own words in the Illinois Senate over the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. This is a powerful video plus more... Like Planned Parenthood taking down some nasty videos on their web site because of complaints and exposing of these videos to the public by "we the people" as opposed to censorship by YouTube.com (see how YouTube and Google are censoring "we the people" at Story of abortion Dr to Pro-life Doctor that will put you in tears and draws attention to facts that are largely missed in Big Media. and scroll down to You Tube, Google and Obama vs the unborn and The Christian Institute takes on Google and wins over ban on abortion ads!!!. Also, a great 24 minute interview with Dr Alveda King, Dr Martin Luther Kings niece who is a hero fo the unborn and the faith!!! She has great words of wisdom on this issue. Herself being one who had committed abortion but found grace and forgiveness in Christ!!!

Can we trust Factcheck.org on Gianna and Obama ads!!!-Jill Stanek documents how Factcheck.org needs some fact checking itself concerning Gianna Jessen and the http://www.bornalivetruth.org/.

Story of abortion Dr to Pro-life Doctor that will put you in tears and draws attention to facts that are largely missed in Big Media.-This was a very touching post for me!!! I was in tears over this issue but decided to post it though it may be graphic just so others may relate why this issue is so concerning to some. Check a video that was censored by YouTube and then check out a far more graphic video that was not censored by YouTube. The only difference is the one censored had Obama in it. Hmm? Also, check out videos censored by YouTube about Planned Parenthood. Hmm? Is this how YouTube and Google and Big Media want to go down in the history books as opposing efforts that the Great, great grandson of William Wilberforce supports .

Denver Post vs the legacy of William Wilberforce, other christians and the unborn-Great statement from great, great grandson of William Wilberforce as he endorses the Colorado Personhood amendment and the pro-life movement.

BornAliveTruth.org all over the news and Kansas Abortion Timeline as the first ever Attorney General to take on Planned Parenthood and Dr Tiller

http://www.40daysoflife.org/ -You can get on the email list for updates of this event. 7 babies have been saved in the first 3 days!!!

Religious Freedom

What Big Media doesn't want you to know about? Historic Sunday in Churches across the nation and 20 recent First Amendment Case Victories.-"The point of the Pulpit Initiative is very simple: the IRS should not be the one making the decision by threatening to revoke a church’s tax-exempt status. We need to get the government out of the pulpit...Churches were completely free to preach about candidates from the day that the Constitution was ratified in 1788 until 1954. That’s when the unconstitutional rule known as the ‘Johnson Amendment’ was enacted." Also, "20 First Amendment Victories in 4 months and most of those in just the last 2 months.."

I would suggest all if you have opportunity to watch or listen to in the back ground as you are working the Values Voter Summit (Click here to view video archives). You can watch the videos in parts by speaker.

Highlights for me of the summit:

Michael Steele had a great laid out logically and calm inspiring rational speech I was impressed with.

Joe Gibbs (ex Washington Redskin football coach) who also spoke at the Republican National Convention just about gives an altar call.

There was a womens panel discussing Palin.

Newt Gingrich had a great speech concerning Oil and Economy and the more political side but many other good comments.

Stephen Baldwin (actor) was great in his exposing of Hollywood and Entertainment industry. I was awestruck by how the advertisers for TV shows are going after the youth of America with horrible advertisements like one that uses Internet chat slang terms like OMFG in their advertisements. Powerful message!!!

Lila Rose who is the college student who took her hidden cameras into Planned Parenthood to expose deception at Planned Parenthood so much so that YouTube has censored their videos which you can find at http://www.liveactionfilms.org/.

Sean Hannity (who is on Fox and has his own talk radio show) had a great speech. A little slow at first but the second half of the speech was excellent exposing the Big Media explaining why FoxNews and talk radio are so successful.

Jill Stanek (the Christian nurse who testified before Obama concerning the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, Dr Alveda King (Dr Martin Luther Kings Jr's Niece) and Phil Kline (the first Attorney General to go after Planned Parenthood). These all were great speeches. Must hear speeches.

Alan Sears of ADF. They have beat the ACLU better then 3 out of every 4 times in religious liberty cases and are ready to take the IRS to court if they interfere with Pulpit Freedom Sunday (see above). This all inspite of having a fraction of the funding that the ACLU has!!! A very encouraging speech.

And much much more....

What ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS are sadly missing? Planned Parenthood removes offensive videos after we the people instead of YouTube have censored it!!!

From JillStanek.com from RealChoice.com

Make an on-line slideshow at www.OneTrueMedia.com

If you rely on ABC, NBC, CBS or PBS for your source of political issues and concerns you may want to view below on what they are not telling you about Obama and how radical of a position he has taken on the issue of abortion. Below you will see just a sample of many, many reports on this issue that Big Media is failing to inform you the voter about.

Here the testimony of Gianna Jessen at a replay of a recent Teleconference Call at Listen now to the September 23rd conference call with Gianna and Jill!. If this link doesn't work go to http://www.bornalivetruth.org/.

In the News-From http://www.bornalivetruth.org/

Pearcey Report: GIANNA JESSEN Born Alive: Above Obama's Paygrade 9/24/08
Buuuurning Hot: Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen’s Message to Obama 9/24/08
Not Unto Us: Gianna Jessen: Abortion Survivor by God's Grace Alone 9/23/08
Medical News Today: New Obama Ad Defends Abortion-Rights Record, Criticizes McCain's Support For Abortion Ban 9/23/08
Columbia Daily Tribune: Barack Obama is an abortion extremist 9/23/08
WorldMag.com: Obama responds to BornAliveTruth ad 9/23/08
Down on the Pharm blog: BornAliveTruth.org off to a Big Start. 9/23/08
Modesto Bee: Stop infanticide 9/23/08
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The Hiffington Post: Obama Ad: McCain Camp Sleazy, Extreme On Abortion 9/20/08
The Washington Times: LETTER TO EDITOR: In defense of babies left to die 9/20/08
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Townhall.com: If It Was Up to Obama, This Woman Would be Dead 9/20/08
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Lunch Break: Gianna Jessen, an Abortion Survivor, Tells Her Story 9/19/08
Seek the Way: Obama attacks abortion survivor Gianna Jessen in ad 9/19/08
LifeNews: New Obama Ad Calls Abortion Survivor, John McCain "Sleazy Despicable Liars" 9/19/08
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CBS News: Obama Camp Hits Back At "Born Alive" Spot 9/19/08
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National Review Online: Deniers for Obama 9/19/08
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Catholic Online: Abortion Survivor Addresses Senator Obama 9/19/08
Mistress-Koloth: Glenn Beck: Strong case against Obama 9/18/08
Christianity Today: Obama campaign launching faith tour 9/18/08
The Wall Street Journal: Outside Groups Air Ads on Abortion Issue 9/18/08
My Domestic Church: Gianna Jessen and Obama 9/18/08
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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel blog “Right On”: Abortion, its enablers and its survivors 9/17/08
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Other gaps in Big Media like the unpopularity of Planned Parenthood amongst many voters

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood's "Take care down there" videos removed!-"JivinJ and I have been writing since the end of July about Planned Parenthood's vulgar "Take care down there" website.
On that (full) front(al assault), good news from the American Life League this afternoon:
Score one for the Good Guys!!! Because of the wide-spread attention you gave our ALL Report on Planned Parenthood's DISGUSTING website http://www.takecaredownthere.org/#/enter/, the story made its way onto the main-stream media.
You can see our ALL report on it : and here. The resulting bad publicity forced PP to remove ALL of the offensive videos!
This is the New Media in action! When you draw as much attention as you did to the nastiness of PP, the drive-by media can no longer ignore what's going on. Kudos to all of you for making this a big deal, and Glory be to God for His grace, aiding in our struggle....
Keep up the good fight. We forced the enemy to retreat, now let's press on!"

California Parental Notification on Abortion Measure Gets Boost in Second Poll-"The second poll in as many days shows a plurality of California voters support Proposition 4, a ballot measure that would allow parents to know when their minor daughters are considering an abortion. The measure draws the support of 49 percent of California residents thanks in part to Latino voters.
A new Field Poll of 830 likely voters finds the measure leading 49-41 percent with another 10 percent of voters undecided.
Among Hispanic voters, who now account for 17 percent of all voters in the state, support for the parental notification measure jumps to 62-31 percent. That could help push the poll over the top after it lost twice in 2005 and 2006....The Field Poll also showed that Republicans favor the measure by a 69 percent margin while 50 percent of Democrats are opposed to it. While 80 percent of conservatives back the measure, 66 percent of liberals oppose it.
Yesterday, LifeNews.com reported on a new poll from the Public Policy Institute of California that found almost half of likely voters indicate they will support it on the November ballot....most Americans want abortion to be "safe, legal and rare."
The newspaper points out that the 34 states with parental involvement laws have found that these laws reduce teen pregnancies and abortion.
Related web sites:Yes on 4 - http://www.yeson4.net/ Friends of Sarah - http://www.friendsofsarah.com". -See Family Planner/Obama/Democrats vs Family/McCain/Parental Involvement. Religious Freedom issues and Faith Based aide to hurrican victims. for more on what Planned Parenthood has to do with this issue.

Dr. Alveda King, niece of MLK, says America must recognize the civil rights of the unborn child.

Can we trust Factcheck.org on Gianna and Obama ads!!!

See Factcheck.org confirms Obama misrepresented his position for 4 years on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in Illinois! in which they did a pretty good job and see National Right to Life responds to smears by Obama on YouTube. concerning that subject. But......

From JillStanek.com (a must view daily blog of the actual nurse that testified before Obama on this issue. Her blog is number 7035 in the top 10000 according to technorati.)

Fact-checking Factcheck.org on Gianna and Obama ads-Only 4 days ago Michelle Malkin called FactCheck.org's output "pure garbage."

I'm here to corroborate.

On September 24, FC posted an article supposedly fact-checking BornAliveTruth.org's Gianna ad as well as Barack Obama's retaliatory attack ad.

There was no excuse for Jessica Henig's hit piece, at times deliberately deceptive and at times woefully ignorant. We know this because we provided every bit of documentation she requested and some she didn't think to request in the days before she posted her liberal spin.

In addition, we emailed protests with the same corroboration on September 25 to FC's editor, Brooks Jackson, and he, too, lacked the objectivity or understanding to do the right thing as requested, disable the post pending further investigation.

The title of Henig's piece gives its bias away: "'Born Alive' baloney."

I wrote Jackson that Henig's article was wrong from the very first word, indicative of shoddy work to follow. Henig should have started with "An," not "A," and 3 days later it's still wrong:

But that was nothing....

Gianna Jessen did not "say" she survived a failed abortion, verbiage indicating a mere claim has been made. Jessen's legal birth records prove she was aborted. Henig reviewed these records, as evidenced by her email to me stating, "Actually, I feel pretty solid on the circumstances of Gianna's birth, as they're detailed on the website."

If Henig were "solid," she would have reported the nature of Gianna's birth as factual, scanned and posted here and here.Then, in the blink of an eye, after restating Jessen's thesis, "if Barack Obama had his way, I wouldn't be here," Henig remarkably changed it: "She's wrong. If she'd been born in Illinois, Illinois law would have protected her with or without the 'born alive' legislation that Obama opposed and that this group supports."

But obviously Jessen did not say "If Illinois law had its way....." Jessen's statement had nothing to do with IL law. It focused squarely on Barack Obama and his strong opposition to giving legal status to abortion survivors and providing them medical care.

Did Henig read Obama's 2001 and 2002 floor speeches from the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act debate? Did she even view Obama's website?

No, Henig ignored irrefutable evidence of Obama's disregard for the postnatal personhood of abortion survivors and instead scampered off on a diversionary rabbit trail.

Had Henig factchecked the right fact, she would have found this immediate example from Obama's own "factcheck" page about an earlier component of IL's Born Alive Act, demonstrating he clearly does not believe abortion survivors like Jessen warrant legal or medical protection:
Given merely the above, how could Henig have determined any other than Obama believes killing abortion survivors like Jessen at birth is nothing more than 4th trimester abortions?

Nevertheless, this turtle will trudge down the rabbit trail after Henig if only to repudiate her misrepresentation of the IL Abortion Act of 1975, with a hat tip to Henig's listed source, Planned Parenthood, which everyone but Henig knows opposed IL's Born Alive.

My information comes from attorney Paul Linton, who represented the American Academy of Medical Ethics when 15 years ago it opposed the US District Court's decision to enjoin much of IL's Abortion Act of 1975.

One section of the IL Abortion Act enjoined in the 1993 Herbst v. O'Malley decision included the definitions of "born alive," "live born," and "live birth."

To restate, there was no enforceable definition of "born alive" in IL law when Obama opposed IL's Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

The IL Born Alive Act would have restored that language. By opposing Born Alive, Obama was agreeing with the Herbst decision that an infant born alive as the result of an abortion should not be protected by the IL Criminal Code.

Further, there are 2 loopholes in the IL Abortion Act.

1. The IL Abortion Act applies only to viable infants, while Born Alive applies to all live-born infants, regardless of viability. In other words, the former dealt with viability, the latter with live birth. Thus, in the case of the live birth of a child who was determined not to be viable at the time the abortion was committed, the 1975 law did not apply.

2. The one determining a baby's viability according to the IL Abortion Act is the abortionist, and s/he is allowed to determine viability pre-birth. Rational people understand the potential for the very person trying to kill the baby pre-birth to subjectively assess the baby's likelihood of survival post-birth.

That said, the IL Abortion Act states that in the event the abortionist determines a baby s/he is trying to kill might survive and might be viable, s/he was to call a 2nd doctor to assess the abortion survivor at birth.

And in this audio clip from Obama's 2002 IL Senate floor debate, he argued against making that very call, stating doing so would be a "burden" to the aborting mother's "original decision." Hear for yourself:

Obama's born alive but let die speech on mp3

Momentarily hopping off her rabbit trail, Henig added:

For the record, Obama says he would have supported "born alive" legislation in Illinois if framed in a way that did not pose a threat to abortion rights granted by the Supreme Court in its Roe v. Wade decision.

Actually, for the real record, Obama opposed identical Born Alive legislation in IL in 2003 that passed 98-0 in the U.S. Senate and for which the pro-abortion group NARAL even went neutral. Furthermore, upon its passage on August 5, 2002, and in the 6 years since, the federal Born Alive law has never been challenged in court.

Finally, after devoting 3/4 of her piece to BornAliveTruth.org's Gianna ad to incorrectly "factcheck" points not even in the ad, Henig finally poked her nose into the Obama attack response ad only to chase off on another rabbit trail to "fact check" an attack Obama made against John McCain in his ad, who had nothing to do with the Gianna ad.

Henig then repeated Obama's deceptive slurs against BornAliveTruth.org's Gianna ad as "sleazy" and "vile" without noting they were actually written by journalists about a completely different ad.

Henig ignored Obama's claim that his Born Alive votes were "taken out of context." The obvious fact check would have been to check their context.

Another fact not checked: Obama threw the word "infanticide" into his ad, never once mentioned by the BornAliveTruth.org ad, in a sentence taken completely out of context by Born Alive's 2003 senate sponsor.

Henig finally did note Obama misrepresented BornAliveTruth.org's ad as being sponsored by McCain only to fittingly close her piece by running off on a 3rd rabbit trail, to say, well, McCain did it, too, and to link to that ad.

Henig must be tired. But she deserves much credit for completely undermining FactCheck.org's stated mission, "to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics."

What Big Media doesn't want you to know about? Historic Sunday in Churches across the nation and 20 recent First Amendment Case Victories.

See Pastors to challenge the IRS. Palin interviews and comments so far. Same-Sex Marriage updates.

Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Pulpit Freedom Sunday-"Pulpit Freedom Sunday is an event associated with the ADF Pulpit Initiative (www.telladf.org/church), a legal effort designed to secure the First Amendment rights of pastors in the pulpit. A document explaining what the Pulpit Initiative is and is not is available at www.telladf.org/UserDocs/WhatIsPI.pdf.
“ADF is not trying to get politics into the pulpit. Churches can decide for themselves that they either do or don’t want their pastors to speak about electoral candidates. The point of the Pulpit Initiative is very simple: the IRS should not be the one making the decision by threatening to revoke a church’s tax-exempt status. We need to get the government out of the pulpit,” said Stanley.
Stanley explained that, contrary to the misunderstandings of many, tax-exempt status is not a “gift” or “subsidy” bestowed by the government.
Churches were completely free to preach about candidates from the day that the Constitution was ratified in 1788 until 1954. That’s when the unconstitutional rule known as the ‘Johnson Amendment’ was enacted,” explained Stanley. “Churches are exempt from taxation under the principle that there is no surer way to destroy religion than to begin taxing it. As the U.S. Supreme Court has noted, the power to tax involves the power to destroy. The real effect of the Johnson Amendment is that pastors are muzzled for fear of investigation by the IRS.”
After Sept. 28, ADF plans to provide via news release a list of pastors who participated in Pulpit Freedom Sunday."

When do ministers cross the line?-"Barry Lynn:
There is no question, Erik, that when a person becomes a minister, rabbi, priest or other religious leader, he or she does not lose the capacity to participate in partisan political activities. However, any activity in support of or in opposition to candidates for public office must be done in a manner that doesn’t indicate or imply that the religious figure is bringing the weight of a religious institution behind him. It also means that that church leader cannot utilize the resources of the church to promote his personal partisan views . . .
Erik Stanley:
Barry, you’re willing to let a pastor be a pastor anywhere and everywhere during election season — except in his pulpit. By your standard, a pastor clad in clerical garb could stand before the church and proclaim, “I am speaking only for myself, and I oppose Sen. Joe Smith for president.” Yet the same pastor cannot walk into the pulpit, open the Bible, and preach a thorough, biblical sermon about how candidate Smith violated moral principles when he enacted legislation leading to a financial debacle on Wall Street. Remarkable.
That is where your fundamental misunderstanding comes into play. The Pulpit Initiative is designed to allow a pastor to be a pastor — free of government censorship or control and free of fear that if he somehow says something wrong, he will be derided in the media by your organization and even face a visit by the IRS . . ."

Erik Stanley, Barry Lynn on Alan Colmes’ Liberaland: The ADF Pulpit Initiative-"ADF attorney Erik Stanley and Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State appeared on Alan Colmes’ Liberaland, to discuss ADF’s Pulpit Initiative.
The mp3 file is here (4 meg) and it runs just over 18 minutes."

ADF Pulpit Initiative: Pastors should determine the content of sermons not government-"ADF attorney Erik Stanley appeared on the Georgene Rice Show (KDPQ 93.9 FM, 800 AM, Portland Oregon) to discuss ADF’s Pulpit Initiative.
This mp3 runs just under 20 minutes (4.6 meg download). The last few minutes of the recording was cut short due to a technical glitch."

Christianity Today: “Endorsing from the Pulpit”-"Christianity Today carries this report on ADF’s Pulpit Initiative that includes this quote from Pastor Gus Booth: “The voting booth is not some sort of sacred cow that you can’t talk about. You’re supposed to bring the gospel into every area of life.”

NPR: Pastors To Preach Politics From The Pulpit-"NPR carries this report on ADF’s Pulpit Initiative. It includes this:
Stanley says pastors are fed up. In the past four years, the IRS has stepped up its investigations of clergy. It sent letters to 47 churches, including some liberal ones — not just for explicit endorsements, but also for using code words like pro-choice or pro-life in relation to candidates.
“What’s been happening is that the government has been able to go into the pulpits of America, look over the pastor’s shoulder, and parse the content of their sermon. And that’s unconstitutional,” Stanley said. “No government official should entangle itself with religion in that way.” . . ."

LA Times: “Pastors plan to defy IRS ban on political speech-"The LA Times carries this article discussing ADF’s Pulpit Initiative:
“The bottom line is that churches and pastors have a right to speak freely from the pulpit,” said Dale Schowengerdt, a defense fund attorney working on the project. “They should not be intimidated into silence by unconstitutional IRS regulations or rules.”
Still, recognizing the confrontational nature of their strategy and wary of protests, the defense fund released the name of only one pastor ahead of Sunday — the Rev. Gus Booth of the Warroad Community Church in rural Minnesota, who already is the subject of a complaint filed with the IRS over a May sermon in which he urged congregants to oppose Obama and Democratic New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton because of their positions on abortion."

Rabbi Prays for Election of McCain-"David Bernstein has this post on the Volokh Conspiracy reporting on a Jewish Rabbi’s prayer for the election of John McCain. Bernstein thinks: “Invoking the Almighty for partisan purposes is, to say the least, unbecoming.”

Revenuers vs. religion?-"ADF Attorney Erik Stanley has this commentary discussing ADF’s Pulpit Initiative in the Washington Times. He writes:
Churches do not turn into political action committees simply because their pastors want to preach about what the Bible says on a political candidate’s positions. And that will be just as true when pastors participating in the Alliance Defense Fund’s Pulpit Freedom Sunday do that kind of preaching this Sunday . . .
AU assumes any tax exemption is a government subsidy. That would be true if the government owned all property and income, but in America, it doesn’t. Nonprofits are not tax exempt as some kind of compensation for their charitable work. They are exempt because they are outside the government’s appropriate tax base.
And churches are, specifically, all the more tax exempt. Tax exemption of churches is not a benefit but a right enjoyed by churches under the Constitution. Churches were tax exempt long before the IRS even existed . . ."

ADF Pulpit Initiative-This site is continually updated.

Part 4 - Tax laws and religious speech: what the Constitution says
http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oew-lynn-stanley25-2008sep25,0,2620493.story 09/26/2008
Christianity Today: “Endorsing from the Pulpit”
http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2008/septemberweb-only/139-41.0.html 09/25/2008
NPR: Pastors To Preach Politics From The Pulpit
http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=95003709 09/25/2008
LA Times: “Pastors plan to defy IRS ban on political speech”
http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/california/la-me-pulpit25-2008sep25,0,7475907.story 09/25/2008
Revenuers vs. religion?
washingtontimes.com 09/25/2008
Pulpit Freedom Sunday
When do ministers cross the line?
Erik Stanley, Barry Lynn on Alan Colmes’ Liberaland: The ADF Pulpit Initiative
http://www.alliancealert.org/2008/20080925.mp3 09/25/2008
Journalist Clueless on Religious Freedom
http://www.dakotavoice.com/2008/09/journalist-clueless-on-religious.html 09/24/2008
Politics From Pulpit Will Deliver Challenge to IRS: Conservative Group Seeks Court Fight on Nonprofit Law
Why don’t churches pay taxes?
http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oew-lynn-stanley23-2008sep23,0,1047625.story 09/24/2008
Erik Stanley on KSRO Talk Radio: ADF’s Pulpit Initiative
Erik Stanley on Talk from the Heart with Rich Buhler: ADF’s Pulpit Initiative
http://www.alliancealert.org/2008/20080923.mp3 09/23/2008
LA Times: Do tax laws gag the clergy?
http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oew-lynn-finley22-2008sep22,0,4859027.story 09/23/2008
Tax exemption for churches: constitutional right or IRS gift?
Religious leaders learn to stay on IRS’ good side
http://www.ocregister.com/articles/church-religious-irs-2162352-leaders-drake 09/19/2008
Politics and the Pulpit: Group Declares ‘Freedom Sunday’
ncregister.com 09/19/2008
USA Today: ADF attorney says Pulpit Initiative is about church sovereignty not endorsement of candidates
blogs.usatoday.com 09/18/2008
WorldNetDaily Questions President’s team about ADF Pulpit Initiative
worldnetdaily.com 09/17/2008
ADF Pulpit Initiative: Pastors should determine the content of sermons not government
http://www.alliancealert.org/2008/20080917.mp3 09/17/2008
The politics of Jesus
http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=75368 09/16/2008
Values Voter Summit: Alan Sears
http://www.dakotavoice.com/2008/09/values-voter-summit-alan-sears.html 09/15/2008
Richard John Neuhaus: A New Order of Religious Freedom
http://www.firstthings.com/onthesquare/?p=1168 09/12/2008
Misguided Montgomery Advertiser Editorial claims that the Pulpit Initiative distorts reality
NPR: The Tax Man Cometh … To Church?
http://www.npr.org/blogs/newsandviews/2008/09/the_tax_man_cometh_to_church.html?ft=1 09/10/2008
Rick Garnett: Politics and Preachers
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Sunday, September 28: A Historic Day For Religious Freedom In America
http://www.idahoexaminer.com/features/10038/sunday-september-28-a-historic-day-for-religious-freedom-in-america 09/10/2008
Lampstand Project Launches for South Dakota Pro-Life Measure
http://www.dakotavoice.com/2008/09/lampstand-project-launches-for-south.html 09/10/2008
Ohio ministers challenge political pulpit plan
Catholic bishops criticize Biden’s abortion remarks for confusing faith, science, and the nature of law
http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/new.php?n=13737 09/09/2008
Erik Stanley: IRS Rules Don’t Trump the Constitution
townhall.com 09/08/2008
Challenge set for pulpit endorsement ban
http://www.upi.com/Top_News/2008/09/08/Challenge_set_for_pulpit_endorsement_ban/UPI-15781220853750/ 09/08/2008
Washington Post: Ban on Political Endorsements by Pastors Targeted
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/09/07/AR2008090702460_pf.html 09/08/2008
Ohio pastor to preach on the importance of church-state separation
blog.au.org 09/05/2008
Pastors’ Web Electioneering Attracts U.S. Reviews of Tax Exemptions
http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/03/nyregion/03irs.html?ex=1378180800&en=a2d83ee4bd1064cc&ei=5124&partner=permalink&exprod=permalink 09/04/2008
Americans U. for Sep. of Church State monitors sermons online for reporting to IRS
blog.au.org 09/04/2008
NYT: “Pastors’ Web Electioneering Attracts U.S. Reviews of Tax Exemptions”
http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/03/nyregion/03irs.html?ex=1378180800&en=a2d83ee4bd1064cc&ei=5124&partner=permalink&exprod=permalink 09/03/2008
Does the Constitutional Norm of Separation of Church and State Justify the Denial of Tax Exemption to Churches that Engage in Partisan Political Speech
papers.ssrn.com 09/02/2008
Erik Stanley on Wallbuilders: Pastors need not fear the IRS
IRS Steps Up Efforts to Monitor Churches Involved in Politics
philanthropy.com 08/26/2008
Tennessee: “Pastor denies pulpit politics”
http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080806/NEWS06/808060447/1006/NEWS01 08/06/2008
Erik Stanley on Jerry Johnson Live with Penna Dexter: Gus Booth and ADF’s Pulpit Initiative
Jay Sekulow: Should Religious Leaders Be Able to Endorse Political Candidates?
http://www.aclj.org/News/Read.aspx?ID=3014 06/26/2008
Mike Johnson on the Zeb Bell Show: ADF’s pulpit initiative
ADF advises officials in OH, WI regarding constitutionality of invocations
Is it electioneering if a pastor preaches that a politician is working on the side of Satan?
http://www.time-blog.com/swampland/2008/06/electioneering_with_satans_nam.html 06/24/2008
Pastors Challenge Law, Endorse Candidates From Pulpit
abcnews.go.com 06/20/2008
The Jewish Daily Forward: “Religious Right Gears Up To Push Political Choices From the Pulpit”
http://www.forward.com/articles/13622/ 06/20/2008
IRS Should Investigate Minnesota Church For Electioneering, Says Americans United
http://www.au.org/site/News2?abbr=pr&page=NewsArticle&id=9879 06/11/2008
Charles Haynes: Pastors, politics and the wink-wink rule
http://www.firstamendmentcenter.org/commentary.aspx?id=20144 06/09/2008
Erik Stanley on Crosswalk Radio: ADF’s Pulpit Initiative
Jill Stanek: Revolt of the pastors
http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=65446 05/28/2008
Praying for a Tax Break: Churches, Political Speech and the Loss of Section 501(C)(3) Tax Exempt Status
ssrn.com 05/27/2008
Erik Stanley on the Frank Pastore Show: The ADF Pulpit Initiative
IRS rules Obama church appearance not improper
news.lp.findlaw.com 05/22/2008
An Historical and Constitutional Analysis of Why Section 501(C)(3) Does not Apply to Churches
Erik Stanley on Point of View Radio: The right of pastors to speak on moral issues
Erik Stanley with Heidi Harris on KDWN: IRS restrictions on pastors from the pulpit
IRS rejects AU complaint, finds Calif. church didn’t violate tax code
“Churches risk tax-exempt status when dabbling in politics”
http://www.kfor.com/Global/story.asp?S=8336152&nav=menu99_6 05/19/2008
Wiley Drake on IRS probe: “We win.”
http://www.ocregister.com/articles/drake-church-irs-2045593-endorsement-radio?orderby=TimeStampDescending&showRecommendedOnly=0&oncommentsPage=2#slComments 05/19/2008
‘Intimidation’ of pastors at issue
http://www.onenewsnow.com/Church/Default.aspx?id=114442 05/13/2008
ADF Launches Initiative to Retake Religious Freedom
http://www.dakotavoice.com/2008/05/adf-launches-initiatiave-to-retake.html 05/12/2008
ADF announces new initiative to reclaim pastors’ First Amendment rights
Wall Street Journal: Pastors May Defy IRS Gag Rule
“Pastors encouraged to violate IRS ban on partisan politics”
AU: “Pulpit Plot: ADF Schemes To Test Tax-Law Limits On Church Partisanship”
blog.au.org 05/09/2008

Other Religious Freedoms Issues

Virginia: State police chaplains resign over prayer restrictions-"The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports: “At least five members of the Virginia State Police chaplains program have resigned after being told they must abstain from praying in the name of Jesus or Christ during department-sanctioned events involving the public.”

Nurse Suing Fort Worth Catholic Charities over Condom Prohibition-"The Catholic Charities of the diocese of Fort Worth, Texas, is being sued by the former director of its HIV/AIDS program because the organization refuses to make condom use a part of its prevention programs.
Barbara Beaty, a registered nurse, oversaw the Lady Hogan Project which offers medical assistance to people who are infected with HIV and AIDS. She says she was "improperly fired" when she refused to cooperate with a change of policy that disallows staff from encouraging condom use for AIDS prevention.....But many in the international effort against AIDS in the developing world have pointed to the push for condom use as a major contributor to the spread of the disease. The most successful AIDS prevention program in the developing world, that of Uganda, was derailed by the insistence of international advisors on the promotion of condoms.
In a lengthy op-ed in the Washington Post earlier this month, Sam L. Ruteikara, an official in the Ugandan government AIDS prevention programs, demanded that the western advisors, who control the aid funding, stop sabotaging their successful abstinence based programs in favor of condoms.
"We understand that casual sex is dear to you," he wrote, "but staying alive is dear to us. Listen to African wisdom, and we will show you how to prevent AIDS."
Catholic medical agencies hold that encouraging condom use merely confirms people in their risky sexual behavior without being an effective means of prevention. Condoms can break, and the porous latex allows the tiny virus particles to pass through the barrier, making their use a form of viral Russian Roulette."

Mandatory Abortion Referral Issue Resonates in Australia, U.S-"Hart has written to state lawmakers, urging them to reject the bill. It passed Victoria’s lower house on Sept. 11 – by a 49-32 vote – and is due to be voted on by the upper house on Oct. 7.....“Catholic hospitals will not perform abortions and will not provide referrals for the purpose of abortion,” he stressed. If the provision is passed, it will place pro-life staff in a position of breaking the law if they act in accordance with their moral convictions. “This bill poses a real threat to the continued existence of Catholic hospitals. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to foresee how Catholic hospitals could continue to operate maternity or emergency departments in this state in their current form.”...Backing Hart’s stance, Catholic Health Australia, which represents 75 Catholic hospitals around the country, issued a statement this week declaring that the hospitalsdo not and will not offer abortions.”...In the U.S., Thursday marks the end of a period for public comment on a new HHS regulation which clarifies that federal law protects the rights of institutions and individuals not to participate in procedures they object to on religious or moral grounds. Noncompliance could lead to the withholding of federal funds...The rule prompted strong criticism from reproductive rights groups, which say it could seriously undermine women’s access to reproductive health services, including abortion or birth control. They urged supporters to let the administration know their objections. On Thursday, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) said the proposed new rule “could limit women’s access to appropriate, complete, and accurate reproductive health information and services and seriously jeopardize the doctor-patient relationship.” Last November, ACOG issued an “ethics opinion” entitled The Limits of Conscientious Refusal in Reproductive Medicine. “Although respect for conscience is important, conscientious refusals should be limited if they constitute an imposition of religious or moral beliefs on patients, negatively affect a patient’s health, are based on scientific misinformation, or create or reinforce racial or socioeconomic inequalities,” it said....The Catholic Medical Association has called on ACOG to rescind the opinion, saying it constituted a “denial of conscience rights and religious freedom.”-Excellent article on this issue with revealing this clash of rights which should be resolved with the right to life trumping both for without the right to life their are no other rights so the right to life is more fundamental which then would favor those who have conscientious objections for that is the very reason why they conscientiously object.

Eliminating Classroom Bias at Penn State-"The Chronicle of Higher Education reports (subscription required) today that a former ADF Center for Academic Freedom client, A.J. Fluehr, successfully used an academic bias complaint system at Pennsylvania State University to expose an incident of classroom censorship. The system, used at both Penn State and Temple University, allows students to file a complaint against a professor or teaching assistant if they believe biased lessons have been presented in the classroom. Pennsylvania is one of the first states to implement such a system.Fluehr’s use of the student-complaint procedures at Penn State involved one experience during which a communications graduate instructor attempted to censor a speech Fluehr intended to deliver to fulfill a course assignment. The instructor said the speech would have offended students.CAF Blog readers may recall that Fluehr filed suit against Penn State in 2006, challenging several university policies that restricted his right to free speech. Fluehr settled the suit when Penn State agreed to remove and revise the illegal policies."

ADF attorney available to media after hearinginvolving free speech at Mt. Rushmore-"On Aug. 9, 2007, Michael Boardley and a few other individuals peacefully handed out gospel tracts near the front entrance of Mt. Rushmore without incident or comment from park officials. The next day, they were approached by a park ranger who told them that they must have a speech permit or cease passing out the tracts. Boardley made multiple requests for a permit through the phone number the Park Service provided, but no permit ever arrived (www.telladf.org/news/story.aspx?cid=4297). Park officials granted his request only after he filed suit.
“The Park Service should know that its requirement of a permit, as well as its denial of Mr. Boardley’s request for one, was clearly unconstitutional,” said Hacker. “It’s our hope that this lawsuit will restore free speech and religious freedom not just for Mr. Boardley, but for others visiting national parks and monuments as well.”
A fact sheet is available on the lawsuit, Boardley v. United States Department of the Interior, at www.telladf.org/UserDocs/BoardleyFactSheet.pdf."

Obama and his non diverse Faith Based Initiative

Washington Post’s Senseless Editorial on Religious Hiring-"Casey Mattox has this post on the CLS Blog:
In the Washington Post’s editorial today, titled “Faith-Based Obama,” (behind subscription), the Post finds that Obama’s recent speech on the faith-based initiative and his plan to retain it while stripping religious organizations of their right to hire those who agree with their beliefs is a “sensible balance.”-See Obama's Divisive Faith Based Initiative/Update on NM Photography case/www.BoycottMcDonalds.com/Arizona Marriage Amendment and McCain and African Wisdom vs NEA and UN/Obama supports a divisive faith based initiative.

Faith-based Teams Rebuilding New Orleans-"Jindal says the volunteers are still coming. Students on spring break. High schoolers coming down to help out with what Jindal calls incredible needs.
"We're basically building a lot of our school systems, our health systems," she said. "There are so many things we had problems with before the storms, and the storms highlighted a lot of those problems. So, now we have a real opportunity. Not that we wished for the storms, but now that they happened we got this opportunity. to truly develop a new system.
"A lot of people are just coming to see how they can help to rebuild, not only a school system and a health system, but a faith system -- to help from a grassroots level. You see churches being rebuilt, you see homes, and just an incredible, incredible community effort that's going on from the grassroots level," Jindal said."

First Amendment Case Victory

Below are 3 Court victories but see Values Video courtesy of CatholicVote.com. Another 1st Amendment case victory and more cases. Palin vs Gibson., Matt Damon vs Sarah Palin. Teen Challenge wins $1 million against city and county and other cases and victory (3 more victories), ExxonMobil CEO Defends High Profits and 11 Recent Religious Freedom victories (8 court victories and 3 settled out of court), one more at Protests from Sea to Shining Values Voter Sea! and one more at California Marriage Amendment Qualifies for November Ballot. So if you add that up that is 20 First Amendment Victories in 4 months and most of those in just the last 2 months.

This is nothing new to those who are signed up to ADF's daily email but to those only getting news from Big Media you need to sign up. Go to: http://www.alliancealert.org/ to sign up for feeds or emails. This group has beaten the ACLU in almost 80 percent of cases they have had up against the ACLU. This group's funding is but a fraction of the funding the ACLU gets. This tells you how out of touch the ACLU is with the First Amendment and religious freedoms. This also, proves the anti-christian bias of the ACLU.

And lastly, where is Big Media? Oh yah I forgot this would not favor their political leanings or I guess religious freedoms are not that big of an issue with them.

3 more court victories

Historic Virginia School Forced to Stop Discriminating Against "Good News Clubs"-"After a federal court ruled in favor of Child Evangelism Fellowship of Virginia (CEF), against the Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools, the district was forced to end its discrimination against the organization's Good News Clubs. The court ruled that the school board engaged in unconstitutional discrimination by charging CEF a fee for holding after-school Good News Clubs at area schools, while granting free use to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other organizations. Liberty Counsel represents CEF. The opinion pointed out a problem with the school board's policy that "empowers its superintendent to decide which organizations are allowed to have fee waivers without setting forth any concrete standards." The court also cited an appeals court ruling in a case Liberty Counsel won on behalf of another CEF group in South Carolina. In a settlement approved by the federal court this week, the district will rewrite its policy and pay more than $20,000 in damages."

Federal court: City treated church with ‘outright hostility’-"A church in a San Diego suburb has asked a federal judge to extend its operating permits to 10 years after it won a land-use lawsuit in which the court accused city officials of “outright hostility” toward the congregation....In May, U.S. District Court Judge Marilyn Huff chided the city of San Diego and two planning groups for their attempts to thwart Grace’s application for a 10-year conditional use permit for a vacant warehouse on Via Frontera. Because churches are considered a non-complying use for most zoning designations, congregations across the nation must seek CUPs that allow them to assemble within a community.
“Grace Church experienced outright hostility to its application, decision-making that is seemingly arbitrary or pre-textual, and ignorance regarding the requirements of controlling federal law regarding the application of land-use laws to religious institutions,” Huff wrote in her opinion....“Frequently during the mandatory CUP process established by defendants, Grace Church experienced hostility to its application and was admonished not to return in five years for an extension,” the judge wrote....John Eastman, dean at Chapman University School of Law and co- counsel for the case, successfully argued that the city’s stand violated the eight-year-old Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. That law prohibits municipalities from creating burdensome zoning restrictions against houses of worship. Prior to the law, cities would often use zoning codes to block churches from prime properties because, as nonprofits, they do not pay property tax or generate revenue from sales tax.
“Churches shouldn’t be unfairly burdened by a city’s zoning restrictions simply to be able to exercise their religion,” said Eastman, an affiliate attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, which accepted the case pro bono. “The court held that San Diego officials violated federal law by denying this church a permit that would enable it to operate in its building for the full 10 years of its lease. San Diegans should be particularly concerned about the court’s finding that city officials exhibited ‘hostility’ toward religion.”
Lauterbach said the protracted process caused a significant drain of the church’s resources since they paid rent on the empty warehouse for 18 months before they were finally allowed to move in last November.
This is part of the challenge of building a church in San Diego,” Lauterbach said. “If we lost (the case), it would have had significant impact to the church.

10th Circuit: CLS, ADF attorneys secure victory in Colo. student funding case-"“Religious discrimination has no place under the First Amendment, and the court rightly struck down this discriminatory law,” added ADF Senior Counsel Gary McCaleb.
Colorado Christian University, a four-year, Christian liberal arts university, applied to participate in Colorado’s state-funded student financial aid programs in September 2003. The Colorado Commission on Higher Education denied the application in November 2004 on the sole ground that the school was “pervasively sectarian.”...The 10th Circuit’s ruling reversing the district court decision means that students desiring to attend Colorado Christian University no longer have to forfeit student aid.
“Obviously, we’re delighted with the good outcome for CCU and its students,” said Eric Hall, a partner with Rothberger, Johnson & Lyons in Colorado Springs. “In addition, we are pleased with the court’s strong and well-reasoned opinion, which reaffirms many long-standing religious liberty principles. This decision is likely to be cited often by other courts when religious liberty issues like these are at stake.”
A copy of the 10th Circuit’s opinion in Colorado Christian University v. Weaver is available at www.telladf.org/UserDocs/CCUopinion.pdf. Also representing CCU in the case was Denver attorney Thomas N. Scheffel.
The ADF Center for Academic Freedom defends religious freedom at America’s public universities (http://www.centerforacademicfreedom.org/). ADF is a legal alliance of Christian attorneys and like-minded organizations defending the right of people to freely live out their faith. The CLS Center for Law & Religious Freedom is a team of Christian attorneys allied with ADF to defend religious liberty and human life."

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