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Tim Tebow and God's Providence

Update 01/09/2012: John 3:16 written all over Tebow Bronco OT win but there is more!

Update 02/07/2010: For Super Bowl ads see Breaking: Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad will air a second ad four times during Super Bowl pregame show and more on the campaign for the ad see Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad and God's providential marketing campaign. 

Related: John 3:16 was the number one hit on Google this morning according to ESPN. Why?
Tim Tebow story on ESPN
A must listen interview with parents of first ever Sophmore Heisman trophy winner!!!

Video: Tim Tebow stumps reporter's question on whether or not he is saving himself for marriage

Sophomore Wins Heisman, Makes History-"Florida's folk-hero quarterback with the rugged running style and magnetic personality won the Heisman on Saturday night to become the first sophomore or freshman to take college football's most prestigious award. Since 1935, when Jay Berwanger of Chicago won the first Heisman, every winner had been a junior or senior - until Tebow, who picked up quite a souvenir on his first trip to New York."-December 2007

Heisman Winner Holds Strong Faith in God-"University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow gave God the glory after winning college football's highest honor -- The Heisman Trophy. "I just (want) to first start off by thanking my Lord and savior Jesus Christ, who gave me the ability to play football, gave me a great family and support group and great coaches and everything around me," he said in his acceptance speech. "God truly blessed me and this just adds on. It's an honor. I'm so happy to be here." Tebow became the first sophomore to win the coveted award, but the story of his birth is even more remarkable...His parents were Christian missionaries to the Philippines in the early 80's. Tebow's mother contracted amoebic dysentery during her pregnancy, and doctors encouraged her to get an abortion, but because of her faith, she refused. Tim was born healthy and today, he stands six-foot-three, 235 pounds, as a physical and athletic phenomenon. Some experts say he has the potential to become the greatest college football player ever."-See video footage of a portion of the speech Tim gave as he recieved the Heiman trophy.

Good News: Heisman Winner Steers Clear of Playboy's All-American Team-"Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and the University of Florida have decided he won't be a part of Playboy magazine's annual All-American college football team. The university withdrew the quarterback's name from the list of nominees based on Tebow's Christian beliefs, Florida Today reported. Tebow supported the decision. Playboy then said Tebow wouldn't have made the team anyway. Daniel Weiss, senior media and sexuality analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said Tebow is upholding a positive image for children across the nation. "Warped visions of sexuality may seem rampant in our culture, but we all have the power to stand up to them," he said. "Thanks to Tim Tebow for reminding us of that.""

Heisman Trophy Winner Was Almost Aborted-"'Because of her strong Christian faith, she chose life.' If doctors had had their way, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow wouldn't be here today.
Pam Tebow, mother of the Florida Gators quarterback, was given drugs to counter amoebic dysentery she had contracted as a missionary in the Philippines. “They were telling her that these drugs were going to cause irreversible damage, that he was going to have devastating disabilities," said J.T. Finn, director of Pro Life America. "Because of her strong Christian faith, she chose life, and that makes her an incredible hero.” The annual Heisman Trophy is awarded to the best player in college football. Former New York Giant Chris Godfrey shudders to think of the millions of Tim Tebows who aren't here today. “You just have to wonder how many good things did not come into our world," he said, "because of our unwillingness to say ‘Yes’ and to trust in God."

Is it not providential of God that the first sophmore to win the Heisman trophy is this man? What a testimony to Christ!!! Consider the issue of abortion in today's society and a major cause of abortion being lust which Playboy Magazine encourages which leads to actual acts of sex outside of the economically sound institution of marriage not to mention Godly institution for our own good. Is not God speaking to us? If you have ever committed an abortion or have supported this act or are involved with anything that would encourage lust in your life please review the testimony of Roe of Roe vs Wade and her conversion to Christ. As you read thru her testimony don't underestimate the power of Christ love and forgiveness for you as He Himself said, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." And remember what else was said in the scriptures that it is "when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son"-Romans 5:10. Her testimony can be found at Jesus, Texas, Kansas, Colorado and Roe vs Obamas' radical extremism against the unborn: "the most radical president ever when it comes to abortion." under subheading of Roe and Jesus.

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