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BornAliveTruth.org introducing Gianna Jessen, the first abortion survivor to be featured in new television ad.

Update 10/01/2010: Gianna Jessen vs President Obama on Christianity and Abortion and Grace and Videos: Gianna Jessen compilation of You Tube videos here

Here is Gianna Jessen from back in 2008 during the Presidential election. I posted this post back in September of 2008 and for some reason is being accessed up to the most popular post this week on Values Voter News so I thought I would move this video up from below in the post and also give a link to Gianna Jessen You Tube testimony in Australia. For that see Video of saline abortion survivor giving her testimony at Queen's Hall, Parliament House, Victoria in Australia.

Update: Below is an excellent video interview of Gianna on the Hannity and Colmes show in 2008 and the campaign ad she was featured in during the 2008 Presidential election but here is another video around same time of Gianna giving her testimony in Australia see Video of saline abortion survivor giving her testimony at Queen's Hall, Parliament House, Victoria in Australia and here is her response to an Obama attack ad in 2008 at Abortion Survivor, Gianna Jessen, responds to Obama's attack ad.

I can not believe that I am completely unaware of these women till just this year. Big Media does no job in informing Americans of this issue of abortion. I am going to introduce, maybe even to others for the first time, two great women of the pro-life movement. Both Christians and intimately involved with the issue of abortion.

The first is Jill Stanek please see New Documents Revealing Obama's cover up on Born Alive Infant Protection for more on her and visit her site JillStanek.com. In which I did a humble not perfectly grammared out introduction. Again, I apologize for my grammar it is not the best. Not to mention Norma McCorvey the Roe of Roe vs Wade another Christian woman who has converted from pro-choice to pro-life thru Christ and you don't have to guess to much why Big Media doesn't inform the American public of her. (See Testimony of Roe of Roe vs Wade).

While I am at it there is another great woman of the Faith involved in this fight for the lives of the unborn and that being Dr Alveda King who is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's niece (that would be the brother of Dr Martin Luther King Jr's daughter). Dr. Alveda King described her father and Uncle as Sons of Thunder and her father died shortly after the Dr Martin Luther King Jr did over the same issue. (See Breaking Good News from Jena, Louisiana.-04/03/2008 and scoll down for 8 minute interview with Dr Alveda King on OneNewsNow.com).

In time these women may be remembered like William Wilberforce or John Newton as the Christian social heroes of the day working together to abolish the slave trade of our day, abortion.

For many like these women, abortion is the punishment of the innocent, the imposing of beliefs on the least of these and a legal kill. If there is life before birth then abortion is the shedding of another human's blood which pours out when these children are aborted. So we better be right and have good justification for our belief if we believe otherwise. So again for many who believe life begins at birth and have good scientific evidence backing that position, abortion is a bloody mess that America needs cleansing from. By God's grace there is forgiveness at the equally bloody cross of Christ on behalf of our sins. We do need to see our need of forgiveness of course and there is nothing hateful about a road that leads to forgiveness....

Big Media is a Big Hurdle for the rights of the unborn. Big Media needs to come to the aide of the unborn and I am praying that somebody in Big Media will step up to challenge his/her own institution on this issue. I will shut up and let the second woman that I have just learned of speak for herself:

Gianna Jessen's Biography-From GiannaJessen.com

Gianna Jessen does not quit. Giving up is not an option to her. Gianna has what she refers to as the "gift" of Cerebral Palsy. She weighed a mere 2 lbs at birth and the doctors said she would never be able to hold up her head, sit up, crawl or walk. She began to walk by the age of three years old with the help of leg braces and a walker.

Gianna doesn’t believe that her Cerebral Palsy takes away her life, but, rather, enriches it. . . she walks with a slight limp today and runs marathons. On April 30, 2005 she completed her first 26.2 mile marathon after running just over 7 hours and was presented with the coveted blank blank award! On April 23, 2006 she completed the London Marathon as well. She is now determined to run marathons all over the place, because she was never supposed to even walk!

Gianna understands the plight of orphans, being one herself. She was placed into the foster care system early on in life, eventually being taken into the loving home of a woman named Penny. Penny has been a mother to 56 foster children in her life. Gianna was later adopted by Penny's daughter, making Penny Gianna's grandmother. According to Gianna, Penny saved her life.

Gianna is a Christian. Her life was given to her by the grace of God. She shouldn't be walking, but more miraculous still; she should not even be alive. Gianna's biological mother was 17 when she had a saline abortion in her third trimester. Many Americans don’t realize it is legal to have an abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy. After being burned alive for approximately 18 hours in the womb from the saline solution, Gianna was delivered alive in a Los Angeles County abortion clinic. Her medical records state, "born during saline abortion"...this is what caused her Cerebral Palsy.

Gianna's travels and experiences have led her all over the world. Her life has been covered by many major news media outlets, including, most recently, the BBC News and World Radio, Sky News, and The Good Morning Show in England, reaching many people with a message of hope and conviction. In November 2005, Gianna spoke in several colleges all over Ireland and in December of the same year, spoke at a meeting held at the House of Commons in London. She has returned to England this year to speak in several parochial and public high schools. Gianna’s audiences include: churches - church youth crusades and women’s ministry retreats; various corporations as a motivational speaker; secular and Christian youth organizations and schools – middle school age through college, as well as several times before Congress - most recently having her testimony read before the Supreme Court in Carhart v. Gonzales"-American Big Media where are you????!!!!! Would this not make for a great eye catching story of hope. I bet this has nothing to do with ratings but rather Big Media political bias. Where are you???

Now for Jill Stanek's coverage of BornAliveTruth.org's new ad futuring Gianna Jessen

But first a Press Release September 15 from BornAliveTruth.org-"For the first time ever, an abortion survivor is featured in a new advertisement released today which takes issue with Senator Obama’s four votes against born alive protections when he was an Illinois state senator."

Gianna , Jill and Prez at Born Alive signing- A picture of Gianna and Jill at President Bush's signing of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act which Obama would not allow to pass in his state of Illinois.

Gianna Jessen's bonafides-"Today Politico's Jonathan Martin called Gianna Jessen a "self-proclaimed abortion-survivor," and ABC's Jake Tapper said Gianna "claims" to have survived an abortion. I suppose speculation is warranted. So in answer to that, here are documents proving Gianna is indeed an abortion survivor. The first is Gianna's birth medical record, indicating she was "Born during Saline abortion"...Next is Gianna's birth certificate, listing infamous abortionist "Edward C. Allred, M.D.," as the physician who delivered her. Allred is the owner of the largest group of independent abortion mills in the U.S. (click to enlarge)...Finally is an article written in April 1978, when Gianna was 10 months old. She was entered as an exhibit of sorts under an alias in the murder trial of abortionist William Waddill, who stood accused of strangling another saline abortion survivor. In reading the article, recall Jessen has the "gift of cerebral palsy," as she likes to say..". Click on link to view actual photos. Like I said before Jill Stanek is well documented. You almost have to be being up against Big Media. Here is a recent update to this post: "UPDATE, 4:40p:Based on the evidence presented in this post, Martin has removed "self-proclaimed" and Tapper has posted an addendum stating, "UPDATE: Jessen has posted medical records on her Web site to support her story," with a link to this website. Kudos to both for their willingness to reanalyze their stories when presented with new information."

Recent interview on Hannity and Colmes with Gianna Jessen

Now for some news coverage and comments from JillStanek.com

Breaking news: BornAliveTruth.org launched!-"We're hearing from the media Obama's people are telling them they have no comment on the Gianna ad, that Obama didn't vote for Born Alive because it would undermine Roe. Even if that were true, which it is not, am I hearing Obama admit he supports infanticide if it would otherwise interfere with legalized abortion?....New Associated Press story out on BornAliveTruth.org...
Ads assailing Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama on taxes and abortion are coming out in key states and on national cable networks - aired by independent groups largely financed by two wealthy donors.
The abortion ad, a $350,000 spot that will appear during the next week in OH and NM, aims to cast Obama as out of the mainstream, even among abortion rights advocates. Aired by BornAliveTruth.org, it single out his efforts while in the IL Senate to defeat the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Obama and abortion rights forces in IL have said the bill would have undermined the landmark Supreme Court case on abortion, Roe v. Wade....
BornAliveTruth.org is organized as a nonprofit entity commonly known as a 527 for the section of the tax code that regulates such groups. Unlike political action groups, these organizations can raise money from individuals in unlimited amounts. The main donor of BornAliveTruth is Raymond Ruddy, a prominent anti-abortion figure in MS who supported Mitt Romney for president in the GOP primary.
The ad features Gianna Jessen, a 31-year-old motivational speaker from Nashville, TN, adopted as a child after a failed abortion. "Sen. Obama, please support born alive infant protections. I'm living proof these babies have a right to live."
As a state senator, Obama voted three times against a bill that would have given legal protections to any aborted fetus that showed signs of life. The measure was virtually identical to a bill President Bush signed into law in 2002.
While Obama has said he would have supported the federal law, he and other opponents of the IL bill have said it would have had greater consequences on state laws governing abortion. The Obama campaign also has pointed out that IL already had legislation protecting aborted fetuses that were born alive and were considered able to survive.
Jill Stanek, an organizer of BornAgainTruth, said the IL legislation would protect pre-viable fetuses as well. "He took a leadership role in seeing that this bill did not see the light of day," she said."

Politico on BornAliveTruth.org

ABC and Time/CNN on BornAliveTruth.org Gianna ads-"By Time/CNN's Mark Halperin on The Page this morning...And the ABC News Jake Tapper blog this morning also included the YouTube video of the Gianna ad:

A new 527 has emerged. Called BornAliveTruth.org, the political organization says its mission "is to educate the public on the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act and Senator Obama's record opposing this act."

In this TV ad, which is said to be airing in battleground states NM and OH, a woman named Gianna Jessen says she survived an failed abortion, and criticizes Obama for voting against legislation that would have declared that if a baby survives an abortion its life must be saved.
"I'm a survivor, as are many others...but if Barack Obama had his way, I wouldn't be here," she says. "Four times, Barack Obama voted to oppose a law to protect babies left to die after a failed abortion. Senator Obama, please support born alive infant protections. I'm living proof these babies have a right to live."
Jessen claims on her website to have survived her then-17-year-old mother's saline abortion in her third trimester.
We told you about this abortion vote that Republicans would use agianst Obama back in January."

New York Times on BornAliveTruth.org -"The following New York Times story on 527s included an image of our BornAliveTruth.org ad as its sample of conservative sponsored issues advocacy:
After largely staying on the sidelines, the types of independent groups that so affected the 2004 presidential campaign are flooding back as players in the final sprint to the election this fall, financing provocative messages on television, in mailboxes and through the Internet....
An anti-abortion group, BornAliveTruth.org, announced Monday it would begin running an advertisement against Mr. Obama in NM and OH that features a woman who survived a botched abortion....
Hewing to their reformist themes, the McCain and Obama campaigns initially tried to discourage such activities on their behalf. But as the race has intensified in its closing weeks, the campaigns have increasingly turned a blind eye to the activities of these groups, which sometimes operate outside campaign finance rules and with little accountability...."-I beg to differ. What is ugly is not giving a voice to "the least of these" and when one does calling it ugly!!!

Also, check out In the News from BornAliveTruth.org-Check out all the stories done on this issue!!!!

And then check out Fact Checks on BornAliveTruth.org-"1. Hospitals weren’t leaving children to die....2. The Born Alive Infants Protection Act was unnecessary because IL already had an abortion law...3. The Born Alive Infants Protection Act would overturn Roe vs. Wade...4. Obama would have voted for the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act..."

And lastly, check out Website Advertisements on BornAliveTruth.org-For embedded code to advertise for BornAliveTruth.org so others will be better informed on this issue.

Other News Concerning Obama and BornAliveTruth.org

Obama and Pro-Life 'Liars'-"In an interview with David Brody of CBN on Saturday, Barack Obama leveled a startling charge at the National Right to Life Committee.Brody brought up the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, noting "there was some literature put out by the National Right to Life Committee. And they're basically saying they felt like you misrepresented your position on that bill.""Let me clarify this right now," said Obama."Because it's getting a lot of play," said Brody."Well, and because they have not been telling the truth," said Obama." And I hate to say that people are lying, but here's a situation where folks are lying. I have said repeatedly that I would have been completely in, fully in support of the federal bill that everybody supported -- which was to say -- that you should provide assistance to any infant that was born -- even if it was as a consequence of an induced abortion. That was not the bill that was presented at the state level. What that bill also was doing was trying to undermine Roe vs. Wade."...Righter backed Winkel up. "I have full faith and confidence in what our files show absolutely," he told me in an interview. That full faith and confidence was vindicated last week by records made public by the National Right to Life Committee. Its Website posted copies of both the "Illinois Republican Staff Analysis" to which Winkel and Righter referred and the relevant "Senate Committee Action Report" of Obama's Health and Human Services Committee.Both show that in March 2003, Obama's committee unanimously approved Winkel's amendment to make his bill the same as the federal bill. (This vote, Republicans tell me, is a procedural courtesy Illinois Senate committees often extend to a bill's sponsor.) The committee then voted 4 to 6 to defeat the bill as amended. Obama voted no. As noted in the materials the National Right to Life Committee posted on its Website, this record seems to contradict what Obama told the Chicago Tribune when he ran for the Senate in 2004."... Obama said that had he been in the U.S. Senate two years ago, he would have voted for the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, even though he voted against a state version of the proposal," the Tribune reported on Oct. 4, 2004. "The difference between the state and federal versions, Obama explained, was that the state measure lacked the federal language clarifying that the act would not be used to undermine Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court opinion that legalized abortion."...

Other Related News:

Shock: Prominent Feminist Admits "Abortion is Murder" but "I Am a Firm Supporter"-"Likewise, at the beginning of 2008, in a lengthy report that appeared in The Hastings Center Report - called by conservative bioethicist Wesley Smith the "world's most prestigious" journal of bioethics - the authors advocate infanticide for those new born babies who may face a life of what medical personnel deem to be "unbearable" suffering. Under what is known as the Groningen Protocol, infanticide is already taking place on a regular basis in the Netherlands with government support....Read the original article: Fresh blood for the vampirehttp://www.salon.com/opinion/paglia/2008/09/10/palin/print.htmlSee related LifeSiteNews.com coverage: Editorial: Infanticide Goes Mainstream and Why Prolife Arguments Need an Update http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/feb/08022203.html SHOCK: Newborns Who Suffer are "Better off Dead" - "World's Most Prestigious" Bioethics Journalhttp://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/feb/08022201.html"

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