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Now there is an excellent alternative to the NEA at Christian Educators Association International. Click link to learn more. Listen to this recent radio program which interviews a spokesperson for the group at wallbuilderslive.

Also, see NEA Teachers Union members that are not happy with their union fees going to anti-christian political causes there is something you can do...

For reasons why many conservative teachers are not happy with the NEA see recent stories:

NEA speaker at NEA convention in California calls many of its own union members "bastards" as crowd applaudes.
Breaking News: NEA looses as Supreme Court of DC rules that ex-gays must be recognized under sexual orientation non discrimination-laws
NEA goes on record in support of Same Sex Marriage and abortion.
Video of NEA General Counsel openly admitting that the NEA's top concern is not education and children but Union membership
Teacher of the Year barred from "Celebration of Excellence" but continues to boycott NEA anyways!!!
The department of Political Science at Stanford provides an argument that quality of education must be via weakening or eliminating union power...

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