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Also, see Teacher's Union part of the problem says some teachers and successful Charter bipartisan school system in Washington, DC.

Wallbuilders Live had this great episode on 11/17/2008

"David Barton, Rick Green and Brad Dacus discuss the social/cultural/political issues the NEA supports that have nothing to do with education or protecting teachers. Brad Dacus gives us a way to divert the money from union dues that goes toward pushing liberal political agendas and instead gives it to a charity of your choice. This program is a definite "must" for educators and union members across the nation who need to know where their money really goes."

"The "Choose Charity" project exists to help union members learn about and, if so inclined, exercise the important option of diverting the portion of union dues that go towards political lobbying for leftist groups."

Also, see 11/24/2008 episode. Below is summary:

"Today Rick Green and Robert Enlow discuss school choice and whether or not it makes a difference in the educational system today.
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