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Watch whole BPI lawsuit against ABC press conference

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Find the entire BPI complaint against ABC here and video press conference

Yeah!!! It is about time. I have been watching www.beefisbeef.com for awhile and was waiting for a lawsuit to come forth and here it is. I am glad that they decided to hold ABC accountable for their terrible reporting.

This complaint seems to set a lot of the misinformation straight or at the least gives a thorough rebuttal to information presented by ABC which I wonder if ABC spent anytime reporting on. I would encourage a read to anyone interested in this subject by clicking here for the whole 257 page complaint.  Also, check out some videos I embedded at Video: Beef Company responds to Pink Slime, Jamie Oliver and Food, Inc. and you can check out some comments I made on my YouTube channel at .

Below is the a video of the press release of the complaint I believe:

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Oh by the way here is ABC's response so far that I can find: "The lawsuit is without merit," said Jeffrey Schneider, Senior Vice President of ABC News, "We will contest it vigorously."-From same web site I got the video above from at www.kcautv.com.

If you do not wish to read through this whole complaint when I have time I will be posting some important highlights from the complaint so keep in touch. I also found a very interesting video on CSPAN with a lady speaking on behalf of Center For Science In The Public Interest which made statements like "there is nothing unsafe about it" referring to "pink slime" and concerning the ammonia issue she stated that this is not "a concern" after having their scientists look at the amount of ammonia amounts. But there is something interesting in the complaint about this issue of ammonia that I may be mistating it myself but for now I will leave it at this with this caution. And you can tell that this group is not exactly your pro-food industry lover either as you watch it all the way through and this was an interview on 03/20/2012 right in the heat of the ABC reports.

Now ask yourself if ABC interviewed this lady on their program and gave as much time to her organization's findings as they did to the other side do you think ABC would have had nearly as much of a story? I really doubt it but who knows I could be wrong but I will let the readers who dare to dable into both sides of the story decide.

Oh and just for information purposes BPI appears to be a supporter of pro-faith, family and life politicians who are usually Republican. I have heard some on the other side claim that this is the only reason why Republican politicians are coming to BPI's rescue cause BPI has financial given to Republicans. However, it could be just as easily that they have been attacked from a media that is more liberally bent on politics because they have supported Republicans.

Values Voter News can be accessed on your mobile phone with ease see Get Values Voter News on your Blackberry, iPhone, Droid or other mobile phones  

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