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News and Views Big Media misses

1) News stories and points of views that Big Media misses. (Mostly because of the negative influence they may have on liberal politics.)

2) "Big Media" thus far has been defined as ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS non local news and stories.

3) "Misses" thus far has been defined as not reporting on these stories and points of views at all, or when a report is made on these stories it is made without these points of views, or when a report is made on these stories and points of views they are given very little emphasis that it might as well have been missed.

4) Commercialism and Capitalism are not the cause to Big Media bias. Only Big Media would have you conclude that way....Do your own test!!! and Liberal Media Bias.

5) A possible tri-partisan solution for those who have access to cable news or for those who can access cable news see: Public opinion in accuracy of news stories are at a 20 year low but Values Voter News has a suggestion. For those without access to cable news try FoxNews and CNN on the internet and if you do not have the internet then try balancing out ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS with Rush Limbaugh on AM talk radio. If you don't have TV you can listen to Rush Limbaugh and usually there is a liberal talk show on AM talk radio, also. If you don't have talk radio and are only left with TV you are up a creek. If you have none of the above then ask a reputable conservative friend and a reputable liberal friend. Of course you can try to subscribe to a well known reputable conservative paper/magazine and then a well known reputable liberal paper/magazine. The point is balance is available so long as the government leaves it alone.

6) Values Voter News has started a new web site offering a tri-partisan solution to media bias at AvoidtheBias.com.

Why no comments?

To busy posting the stories and points of views that there is no time left to review comments. Sometimes comments can be obscene and want to keep it clean.

Concerning images, videos and ads with immodestly dressed women

Another feature about Values Voter News is that you should not find images and videos of immodestly dressed women on this site. Values Voter News tries its best to post images and videos that do not contain this.

An example is that Values Voter News has not gotten into the Miss California same sex issue all that much for this very reason and when it is covered it is without pictures (see: Miss California makes a stand for marriage as between a man and a woman and same sex marriage getting more coverage on internet then Big Media).

For why see: Modesty is more than what you wear on the outside it's a reflection of one's beliefs and attitudes from the heart., Tim Tebow and God's Providence and Video: Tim Tebow stumps reporter's question on whether or not he is saving himself for marriage.

Update 12/10/2009: After a YouTube video ends there are pictures with related videos that sometimes are very obscene. All videos at Values Voter News from 12/10/2009 and onward will have the related videos option turned off so that related videos will not appear at all.

Links to other sites Values Voter News has no control over.

Third-Party Links, Pointers and Advertisements

ValuesVoterNews.com contains links or pointers to Internet sites maintained by third parties. ValuesVoterNews.com does not operate or control in any way any information, products or services on these third-party sites. ValuesVoterNews.com expressly disclaims any responsibility for such third-party sites, which are provided for your convenience on an "as is" basis without warranties of any kind, express or implied.

Concerning posts on Sunday

Values Voter News on Sundays tries to keep Sunday set apart for more spiritual posts. To keep in line with honoring the Lord one day in seven as He revealed in the 10 commandments remembering and honoring that He is our Creator and Saviour (Exodus 20:8-11, Deuteronomy 5:14-15 and John 1-21).

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