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Princeton University allows an LGBT center but no center for abstinence

Princeton Rejects Abstinence Center-From CitizenLink.com

Members of Princeton University's abstinence club, The Anscombe Society, have asked for an Abstinence and Chastity Center for two years with no luck, yet the school has no problem supporting a center for gay and "transgender" students.

When asked why she could support a place for gay students, but not one for chaste students, President Shirley Tilghman said that the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Center does indeed support an abstinent lifestyle.

Matt Bennett, founder and president of The Christian Union, a leadership – development society for students, said Anscombe Society students have contacted the LGBT Center in the past.

"The students were asking that they bring in speakers to support students who are of a homosexual orientation who want to live an abstinent lifestyle," he said.  "The LGBT club has explicitly told them they do not support that."

Instead, the LGBT Center sponsors sexually explicit workshops such as, "Beyond Monogamy," which teaches students how to pursue open relationships, and "Queer Sexualities."

Government ran Postal Sevice owes American tax payers $10.2 billion.


The U.S. Postal Service announced this week that it lost $3.8 billion in the most recent fiscal year, which ended September 30th.  It also delivered less mail -- 26 billion fewer pieces, a nearly 13 percent drop from the previous year.  The bad news follows losses totaling $7.8 billion in 2007 and 2008.
The Postal Service is legally prohibited from taking tax dollars.  But in order to stay afloat, the agency has been actively borrowing from the U.S. Treasury: At last count, according to Postal Service spokeswoman Yvonne Yoerger, it owes the government $10.2 billion.
  • Federal law dictates that the Postal Service can borrow up to $3 billion per year -- but the debt cannot grow beyond $15 billion.
  • That means that while the agency, which had revenues of $68.1 billion last year, could potentially borrow another $3 billion in 2010, it will soon no longer be able to legally borrow billions from the government.
  • Meanwhile, the Postal Service is estimating that without significant changes, it will lose another $7.8 billion in the coming year -- and deliver another 11 billion fewer pieces of mail.
Which raises the question: Can the Postal Service be saved?
The agency cut $6 billion in expenses over the past year, eliminating 40,000 of its roughly 750,000 jobs and slashing overtime hours.  But it says that isn't enough.  And it's pushing for two major changes that it suggests could help get it back into the black in 2010:
  • The first is freedom from a government-mandated requirement that the agency pay more than $5 billion per year into a fund to cover its retired employees' future health benefits over a ten-year period; the government allowed the agency to forgo $4 billion of that obligation this past year, but the requirement remains on the books.
  • The second goal is to end Saturday mail delivery; the Postal Service has suggested cutting Saturday service could save $3.5 billion per year, though the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), which regulates the Postal Service, puts that figure at $2 billion.
Source: Brian Montopoli, "Can the Postal Service be Saved?" CBS News, November 19, 2009.
For text:
For more on Privatization Issues:

Video: Personal stories and perspectives of DC families who are fighting for school choice

Related: School choice works in DC at half the cost of public schools so why did Obama discontinue the program?
Sweden a prime example of Universal School Choice that is working for parents and students
Students who won a lottery to attend a charter school in New York outperformed their peers who entered the lottery but lost and went to public schools

From Barack Obama voters ask Obama WHY? on the DC School Choice program...

Pregnant pro-life woman attacked by abortion clinic employee

Related:Pro-lifer attacked and threatened with knife to throat just two months after pro-lifer shot and killed
If they are going to ignore us let's start ignoring them by turning them off!!! 40 days for life protester assaulted by abortion advocate: no media.
LifeNews.com reports on a couple of attacks on pro-lifers over the weekend in Arizona and Michigan 

Found this story at Blue Wave Canada

Kansas City, KS – An abortion clinic employee attacked a pregnant pro-life volunteer outside the Central Family Medicine abortion clinic in Kansas City, Kansas, while she was engaged in peaceful, First Amendment activity.

On November 14, 2009, an unidentified abortion clinic employee came out of the Central Family Medicine abortion clinic and began to taunt the pro-lifers. Her verbal abuse escalated into violence as she rammed her shoulder into sidewalk counselor Jennifer McCoy, who is noticeably six months pregnant. A photograph taken by protest leader Mark Gietzen of the Kansas Coalition for Life shows McCoy recoiling and bracing for the hard impact that occurred a split second later.

Police were summoned, but the abortion worker attempted to flee the scene before they could arrive. McCoy followed the woman to keep her from evading the police. After realizing that she could not get away, the worker returned to the abortion clinic where she hid behind locked doors.

Police attempted to enter the clinic to arrest the woman for battery, but they were denied access by another worker who demanded that the police get a search warrant, then lied to them saying that the woman was not there.

McCoy has since been in contact with police, who are pursuing the case. There remains the possibility that the second abortion worker could face criminal charges for impeding a police investigation.

Bible School student reports back from trip to Sudan via blog...

This is the second post I have used my brother's blog postings on. For first one see A quick devotional from brother... and now he reports from Africa and what God is doing through some in the community there and also, in his own life. I thought this was appropriate for thanksgiving.

Dave's Blog!

God is so very gooooood. Wow has he been working mightily in Sudan. Today was just yet another amazing day. It started off super early as I woke up at 5 to get some extra time with the Lord and to prepare for the final day of teaching with the local pastors. This is a picture we all took today as we celebrated God.

Its not that hard to wake up early here as the roosters, howling dogs, cows and many critters are faithful to wake you.

The Holy Spirit spoke powerfully through Kristina as she led devotions this morning. She had some amazing words from scripture to encourage the pastors.

I have been so blessed to be here and see what God is doing with these wonderful pastors. They are such and inspiration as they seek the Lord so diligently. The Holy Spirit is working powerfully in us all as we listen intensely to His words. They call me teacher however I call them teacher as I have learned so much from there diligence in the Word. They are so hungry and thirsty for Him. It definitely humbles me as I have taken for granted all the wonderful teaching and learning opportunities in America. We have so many resources. But here in Sudan they are starving to be taught the word as there are limited options to learn. This is the main reason why I chose to come here is because God has put on my heart the importance of discipleship. As I have experienced over the last year, being immersed in the Word is so very essential to our relationship with the Lord. This is why teachers of the Word are so very powerful. It is a gift from God to help us grow and know Him better. I am so very thankful for the time spent at HSE and to my teachers who have sacrificed so much to help me grow. I was truly blessed to have the time at HSE to learn so much.

Most of the pastors come from far away. There hunger for the Word brings them long distances to learn. Some over a hundred miles and no they don’t have cars….. Some will stay here at the training center while in school and then go back to their families for break. They are away from their family for months at a time.

Today was the final day of school before break and it was a joyous yet sad day as I have grown attached to many of them. They are all so very pleasant and kind. They are so genuine and loving. We embrace in hugs daily and our souls have become intertwined. They are so beautiful and amazing. I thank God for the ability to meet and grow closer to Him with these amazing men of God. These are my friends, my fellow warriors and my eternal brothers. I hope to see them again soon.

One of the pastors lost a child today due to a miscarriage so we have been in prayer for Him. If any of you read this please pray for Judea and his wife Rebecca.

Leo has been doing most of the teaching as God has truly blessed Him with this gift. The students were so very happy to have such an amazing teacher of the Word. I learn from him daily as the Lord speaks powerfully through Him in teaching. I see how tired he is every night as He spends so much time preparing and loving these young pastors. He gives all he has to pour into the pastors. They could not stop asking questions as Leo was able to answer them all. He has been a wonderful gift from God to us all. They will miss him dearly.

We had two miracles happen today. A woman in the clinic and a male friend of Sabets came to receive Jesus. There eternal life started today and it is beautiful. We rejoiced as we have 2 new brothers and sisters in the kingdom. God worked through Kristina to touch the heart of the lady in the clinic. She is writing a blog tonight as well so I will share about Sabets friend.

I walked into the kitchen and Sabets friend Richard was there. We had met him the previous day at the market. Sabet and Suzy had been sharing with him and bam the Holy Spirit guided him into the truth. He prayed intensely to God and received Jesus that very moment. He stayed for lunch and we had the opportunity to fellowship. Richard is a wonderful man. He is actually from Sudan and moved to Australia 11 years ago and is now back to get married. Funny to meet a Sudanese man with Australian accent. He is from Tonj and his dad is a politician locally here. We had some awesome talks about the Lord and His truth about marriage and relationships. It was so amazing. The Holy Spirit was just pouring into Richard. We also talked about money and read some scriptures on what God holds valuable. We had some amazing fellowship as the Lord worked powerfully. He is going to bring his fiancé to church on Sunday.

I learned some interesting things about the culture here. Apparently when you get married you give the father of the bride a certain number of cows. This is not to buy the woman but to show gratitude to the father for raising such an amazing daughter. Richard must give 150 cows which cost about $500 each. Wow that’s an expensive gift.

The culture here is wonderful and I have enjoyed the beauty of it. There is however some disturbing stuff such as multiple wives being very common here as well as the witchdoctors and many false gods. But that is why we are here. To share the truth of the love of God. His Word will not return void.

We had a few people go down with stomach illness today. Emily was in bed all day as last night she became ill. Please keep her in your prayers as she recovers. Mark one of the brothers here has also been feeling sick along with Suzy. We ended up canceling our outreach tonight in order to rest up.

We all have been working so hard throughout the day and then in the evening going for outreaches into the villages. The outreaches are another amazing story but I will let another teammate share as I will not do them justice in describing how amazing they have been. I mean they are absolutely wild.

Today has been a wonderful day of prayer as I have been praying with many of the pastors and with my teammates. The worship has been absolutely amazing as the Lord has spoken powerfully through Josephine. We begin the day with devotions, prayer and worship. What a blessing to begin every day in such a way. I feel like I am back at HSE…..

"I am getting tired so I will wrap up this novel with a few words. I have truly enjoyed every minute of this trip. There has been many spiritual attacks but the preparation in prayer and all your prayer back home has extinguished all the fiery darts. I feel at home here and definitely could live here. The people are amazing and so loving. Suzy and Sabet are so very wonderful as the light of the Lord shines so bright through them both. I have learned so much from them and am so thankful to the Lord that I am here and able to serve them. This trip is a gift from God to grow closer to Him by pouring out His love on the wonderful Sudanese people. God is so faithful and will never disappoint. Thank you Father for this wonderful opportunity to serve, praise and give you glory."

ManhattenDeclaration.org shoots off into the top 15,000 sites in the US and 170,000 world wide attracting attention from Australia, Canada and the UK.

Watch Chuck Colson on The Huckabee show discussing the signing of the Manhatten Declaration and what it is all about. For site stats see Alexa.com. This site in only a weeks time has collected over 170 prominent religious figures from Orthodox, Catholic and evangelical Christians and over 187,000 203,000 signatures and counting.

WND.COM has an excellent report on this at No further! Christians draw battle line in culture war:

"....Specifically, the text of the Manhattan Declaration declares:

  • We will not comply with any edict that purports to compel our institutions to participate in abortions, embryo-destructive reserach, assisted suicide and euthanasia or any other antilife act
  • Nor will we bend to any rule purporting to force us to bless immoral sexual partnerships, treat them as marriage or the equivalent
  • [Nor] refrain from proclaiming the truth, as we know it, about morality and immorality and marriage and the family...."

This story makes for a great providential twist.

The Christian Institute reports that "The happy smiley children used by humanists in a don’t-label-me-as-religious billboard campaign actually come from an evangelical Christian family.

The images used by the British Humanist Association (BHA), as part of a nationwide advertising drive, were bought from a stock photo library and the BHA had no way of knowing the children’s background.

The children’s father, Brad Mason, said: “It is quite funny, because obviously they were searching for images of children that looked happy and free...."-For more on the story click on link above.

“They happened to choose children who are Christian. It is ironic. The humanists obviously did not know the background of these children.”

Video: Christian parents forgive bullies who killed their adopted daughter.

For an excellent documentary in the same thought of forgiveness as below couple see how two women victims of Rwanda genocide in 1994 come face to face with those who killed their family and try to forgive them in 2005 in "As We Forgive" available at Values Voter News Store here. And then review "Final Solution" which is based on a true story about how a Nazi racist converts against Nazi racism and how forgiveness is a major stop to reconciliation in South Africa. This movie is available at Values Voter News store here.

From The Christian Institute....

Video: Christians forgive dead daughter’s bullies

The Christian parents whose adopted daughter, Rosi, was bullied to death have forgiven the teenage girls who were this week found guilty of her manslaughter.

Reverend Simon Boxall and his wife Rachel said: “We continue to pray for those who are responsible for Rosi’s death.

“We want them to know that we forgive them.

“That does not mean that what they did doesn’t matter, of course it does.”

He added: “Forgiveness means that we refuse to be shackled by bitterness and our prayer is that forgiveness will allow the girls to be released from the burden of what they’ve done so that they can even now grow into the sort of people that God intended them to be.”

He spoke with fondness about Rosi, saying, “We are sure that she is now safe in God the Father’s arms.”

Hatice Can, 15, and 19-year-old Oluwakemi (known as Kemi) Ajose were convicted for causing the death of Rosimeiri Boxall in May last year.

Miss Boxall, 19, jumped from a window after suffering prolonged bullying from the pair.

The court heard she had been slapped, punched and had deodorant sprayed in her face.

Part of the abuse was recorded on a mobile phone and showed the attackers pulling Miss Boxall from her bed.

Reports say she was also called a “slag” and “whore”.

Just before Miss Boxall jumped from a third floor window, she was told by Can: “Do you want to die? Jump out of the window.”

When the girl replied: “Do you want me to jump?” Miss Can said simply: “Yes”.

As she lay dying on the street below, Miss Can looked over her body and said: “Serves you right”.

Miss Can had spent much of the trial talking to friends on her mobile phone and laughing as she tried on her barrister’s wig and gown.

Roger Smart QC, who was prosecuting, said: “Rosi leapt to her death from the kitchen window of Kemi’s flat to escape from a prolonged period of physical and verbal abuse.”

“Immediately before Rosi fell, she was clearly in fear of being hurt physically.

“This fear caused her to leap out of the window, as a result of which she met her death.”

Miss Boxall was born in Brazil and was adopted by the Christian couple.

They had found the girl in a children’s home where she had been abandoned by her alcoholic mother.

Detective Inspector Bob Mead said outside the court: “Ajose and Can both claimed during the trial that their actions were no more than high jinks and a playground catfight.

“Rosi clearly did not perceive it that way, and neither did the jury.

“Bullying needs to be taken seriously and I would urge the victims of bullying ‘please don’t just put with it’.”

Oluwakemi Ajose was remanded back to a psychiatric hospital, Hatice Can was remanded to the care of her local authority.

They are due to be sentenced on 15 December.

Local news story...

Interview with Young Pro-Life Counselor Threatened with Knife to Throat

By John-Henry Westen

DULUTH, MN, November 26, 2009
(LifeSiteNews.com) - Less than two months after the gunning down of pro-life activist Jim Pouillon in September, a young pro-life activist has had a knife put to her throat by a woman entering an abortion facility in Duluth, Minnesota.  21-year-old pro-life activist Leah Winandy, her mother Sarah and the director of a local pro-life group, spoke with LifeSiteNews.com (LSN) about the harrowing incident which took place early Tuesday morning.

Leah's mother, Sarah Winandy, was present with her daughter at the time of the attack, but each were standing at opposite sides of a large opening to the Building for Women in Duluth, inside of which the Women's Health Center of Duluth abortuary is located.

When a woman approached, Leah was set to speak to her, but says that the woman then snapped out a long-bladed folding pink-camouflage knife and ordered Leah to not to move or to speak.  Leah did not move, but before the woman left earshot said, "Please don't kill your baby."  At that point, recalls Leah, the woman turned around and approached Leah with the knife.

Leah told LSN that the woman was facing her, with the knife at Leah's neck.  Leah said that she was initially scared, thinking, "what if she stabs me?"  But then, she thought, "If she stabs me that's okay, I will go to heaven to be with Jesus."  Leah recalled she was then given peace. She said, "After that I was not afraid, I was concerned for her soul."

"I looked in her eyes and said, 'Fear God, you have to fear God, Ma'am," she recalled.  After which the woman turned and walked toward the building.   As she passed Leah's mother Sarah, who had not seen the knife previously, Sarah says she pleaded with the woman, saying, "Please, we love you, we care about you," at which point the woman also waved the knife at her threateningly.

Sarah then approached her daughter with concern. When she learned of the threat with the knife to her daughter, she said she was shocked and alarmed.  In retrospect, she says that she's thankful she did not recognize the object as a knife at first since she would have run over to her daughter and "perhaps something terrible would have happened."

Sarah, a homeschooling mother of five, told LSN that despite the incident she is undeterred from counseling at the facility or allowing her children to do the same. While her elder three children have families of their own, her daughter Leah and her youngest son Michael, 20, accompany her to the abortion center to counsel at least once a week.  She said that she and her husband and family "truly believe it's the Lord who protects us wherever we are."

Sarah said that the Winandy family forgives, and continues to pray for the woman.

Jim Tuttle, the director of Pro-Life Ministries of Duluth was also at the abortion mill Tuesday morning, but he did not witness the incident as he was counseling at the alley entrance to the center.  Tuttle told LSN that his organization has arranged for pro-life witness and counseling outside the abortion center every day of its operation for the past 11 years.  The group's efforts, he said, have saved at least six or seven lives a year.  Tuttle holds the Winandy family among his most faithful volunteers.

Duluth Police arrested the suspect, 25-year-old Mechelle Talluah Hall, inside the abortuary and found a knife in her purse matching Leah's description.   She has been charged with second-degree assault.  Hall told the judge considering the conditions of her release, "I know what I did was wrong."

The Winandy's say they still hope to minister to Mechelle despite the incident, and may get their chance.  After police departed with Mechelle, a friend who had come to the center to support her was only told by abortuary staff that she had left quickly.  The Winandys approached her and when they realized who she was there for they explained the situation.  They spoke with the friend about the love of Christ and gave her a Bible.  They exchanged phone numbers and hope to follow up with the friend and perhaps even with Mechelle herself one day.

Anyone wishing to contact Leah and her family may do so through
Pro-life Ministry of Duluth
P.O. Box 161018
Duluth, MN 55816

EU commission demands Britian to abolish laws protecting religious freedom rights in anti-discrimination laws.

Related: In Europe a heated battle is waging between the EU and national sovereignty.
European Parliament votes 349 to 218 to condemn Lithuania's law on protecting minors from homosexuality, bisexuality and polygamy.

Click here for link to actual debate in the British House of Lords as they recently debated and passed free speech protections in UK's homosexual hate crimes bill at avoidthebias.com and for why this is very concerning for many in the UK and why these protections have been passed by the House of Lords see House of Lords in the UK accepts free speech clause in the UK gay hate crimes bill

EU Commission Demands UK Abolish Religious Freedom Rights

By Hilary White

LONDON, November 24, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In what may be the first test of the new legal situation created by the European Union's Lisbon Treaty, the European Commission has said that absolutely no exemptions can be allowed in anti-discrimination laws, even for religious conscience. In a letter to the British government, the EU has demanded that Britain abolish laws protecting religious freedom rights with regards to "sexual orientation."

In a "reasoned opinion," the EU's equal opportunities commissioner, Vladimir Spidla, told the government on Friday that it has failed correctly to implement an EU Council Directive on discrimination.

Spidla said, "We call on the UK government to make the necessary changes to its anti-discrimination legislation as soon as possible so as to fully comply with the EU rules."

The Government's "exceptions to the principle of non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation for religious employers are broader than that permitted by the directive," the EU said. The European Commission is the executive body of the European Union responsible for upholding the Union's treaties.

The Commission's ruling follows a 2004 complaint by the anti-religion organisation, the National Secular Society, that complained the opt-outs constitute "illegal discrimination against homosexuals."

The current exemption allows religious groups to refuse a job to a homosexual applicant to avoid "conflicting with the strongly-held religious convictions of a significant number of the religion's followers."

Under regulation 18 of the Sexual Orientation Regulations of the Equality Act (SORs), registered religious charities, such as Catholic adoption agencies, are allowed to act in accordance with the constitutional documents that specify their religious purpose. Under this regulation, it is theoretically possible for such charities to refuse to allow children to be adopted out to homosexual "partners"

But a new bill being drafted by the government has met with the approval of the EU. It will allow religious organisations to refuse to employ homosexuals only if the job involves actively promoting or practising a religion.

Spidla said, "We welcome the proposed Equality Bill and hope that it will come into force quickly."

At the same time, homosexualist activist groups are lobbying for changes in the law that may ultimately force churches to perform civil partnership ceremonies for same-sex partners. Stonewall, one of Britain's most successful lobbying groups, is seeking an amendment to the Equality Bill which will allow churches to host the services. Currently such services must take place in a registry office to be legal.

But as Ben Summerskill, head of Stonewall, explained: "Right now, faiths shouldn't be forced to hold civil partnerships, although in ten or 20 years, that may change."

Good thing Darwin and his elites were not around during the founding of modern day science nor America's First Amendment Rights

If they were we may have quite a different American society looking more like Hitler's socialism or Marxist communism see below article. Who knows for sure but one thing we know for sure is Darwin and his elite followers were not around during the beginnings and formation of either thanks to God's good providence.

Below is a good and bad story. After attorneys sent letter to US Space and Rocket Center in Alabama about allowing a showing of a film critical of Darwin USSRC changed its mind and will now allow it to be shown while a science museum in "liberal" California continues to censor another film critical of Darwin. By the way you can purchase both films for yourself or family member for Christmas with many other related films at Values Voter News Store powered by Amazon here

For another 157 first amendment victories either through the courts or like the one below since 06/2008 see label First Amendment Case Victories

Related: From Monkey to Man? Today is 150th anniversary of Darwin's The Origin of Species and a new documentary on the Galapagos Islands challenges Darwin's interpretation
New documentary of the Galapagos islands just released.

From ChristianNewsWire.com....

Tale of Two Creation Films Denied First Amendment Rights on Darwin's Anniversary

Contact: Gregg Wooding, I AM PR, 972-567-7660, ; www.themysteriousislands.com

HUNTSVILLE, AL, Nov. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- Two creation films called "inappropriate" were denied the opportunity to be shown in government facilities this week--which marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species". While the intelligent design film "Darwin's Dilemma: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record" has not been granted permission for a showing in California, "The Mysterious Islands", a new 90-minute Vision Forum film that challenges Darwin's evolution by taking audiences back to engage the enchanted Galapagos Islands, has enjoyed a victory and will premiere as previously scheduled tonight, Nov. 25, at 6:30 PM, at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL.

"We want to commend the U.S. Space and Rocket Center ("USSRC") for allowing equal access to its facilities for a private screening of 'The Mysterious Islands' this week," said a jubilant Doug Phillips, executive producer of "The Mysterious Islands". Phillips and his crew--his son Joshua Phillips, Dr. John Morris of the Institute for Creation Research and Jon and Andy Erwin, the award-winning production duo who shot and produced the documentary--have been traveling the country screening the film since its release on Nov. 12, with key members making the trip on the "Galapagos Ark" Tour Bus.

"Knowing that the USSRC was a government facility, we contacted attorneys at the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) for assistance," Phillips continued about legal action that led to the victory. In a letter dated Nov. 23, 2009, Daniel Blomberg, ADF litigation counsel, informed the USSRC executives that their "refusal is in direct violation of Vision Forum's First and Fourteenth Amendment rights," and he highlighted the fact that the USSRC had shown two pro-evolutionary films, "The Magic of Flight" and "Blue Planet", at their facility. The USSRC responded to ADF's letter within hours of receiving it and is now cordially allowing access for a screening of "The Mysterious Islands". Though the film is premiering with short notice in Huntsville, hundreds have already registered to attend at: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e2mzzpjzfd3e5dcc

"The Mysterious Islands" documents Phillips as he leads a team of Christian scientists and investigators to the Galapagos Islands to engage with the amazing creatures Darwin chronicled during his storied trip to this island chain aboard the HMS Beagle in 1835. Seen through the eyes of 16-year-old Joshua Phillips, who joins his father and noted researchers like Dr. John Morris, "The Mysterious Islands" is the story of one boy's search for answers to a great controversy of the modern world. The fast-paced adventure combines cinematically breathtaking footage with high adventure in its quest is to determine whether the Galapagos Islands are a laboratory for evolution, as Darwinists claim, or a showcase for the biblical account of creation.

Along the way, "The Mysterious Islands" examines intriguing questions that Darwin failed to answer, or that he just got wrong: Why do the animals on these islands appear to have little fear of man? Why have some of the creatures of the Galapagos developed such unusual characteristics--are these phenomena evidences of evolution or something else? Does natural selection produce new kinds of animals, or just variations within the same kinds?

Meanwhile, the fate of the other film "Darwin's Dilemma: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record" hangs in the balance. The California Science Center (CSC) has not yet reversed its decision to allow a showing at the museum's IMAX Theater.

Watch the trailer of "The Mysterious Islands" and learn more about the film by visiting the official website at: www.themysteriousislands.com, and contact Vision Forum at about screening "The Mysterious Islands" in your community.

To interview Doug Phillips regarding "The Mysterious Islands," contact Gregg Wooding of I AM PR Services by email at or by phone at (972) 567-7660." 

And more concerning the movie that is still banned at California Science Museum Faces Lawsuit for Refusing IMAX Theatre for Intelligent Design Documentary

Trailer of The Mysterious Islands

The Mysterious Islands Trailer 2: Evolution's Birthplace from Vision Forum on Vimeo.

Democrat congressman from Ohio says Osama Bin Laden should have the right to remain silent and told he can get a lawyer.

See further discussion on this issue at Video: Republican Lindsey Graham asks excellent questions of AG Holder on Guantanamo Bay Detainee trials to be held in NY and to really get into the issue from both sides watch all the Senator's questions and a recent Senate hearing and then answers by Attorney General Holder as to why a civilian court trial for Guantanamo Detainees at avoidthebias.com.

Chart comparing the Stupak-Pitts amendment in the House health care bill and the Senate bill which currently has no amendment.

Found this excellent comparison of the Stupak-Pitts pro-life amendment that passed in the House health care bill by a vote of 240-194 and the Senate bill soon to be debated in the Senate at Family Research Council. To watch debate and vote tally of House debate on the Stupak-Pitts amendment from both sides see avoidthebias.com.

Also, see National Right to Life says to Obama and Reid: You wanted debate? Now you'll get debate on Government Funded Abortion. with many further links and evidences of their position.

Chris Matthews at it again. It's a wonder why the Obama admininstration only calls out on Fox and not MSNBC. Watch Bill Oreilly for comparison sake from Fox.

It is no wonder why MSNBC has the lowest rating. With guys like Chris Matthews giving MSNBC such a bad name the way he treats those he interviews. Below is a perfect recent example. For more on Chris see about 6 or so other clips that reveal the same thing at Video: Chris Matthews at it again, "There’s so much right-wing crap on the best seller list these days."

Third video below is the same Bishop interviewed under the same context but by Bill Oreilly for comparison sake.

For a tri-partisan solution to media bias see AvoidtheBias.com and by pass all media bias from both sides.

See him at work on this town hall protester. Notice who looks irrational. Unbelievable.

Bill Oreilly at Fox interviews same Bishop

Transgender man who murdered his wife is now asking for sex change at tax payers expense in Massachusetts.

Only in Massachusetts....

Transgender Murderer Wants Taxpayer-Funded Sex-Change

Boston (AP) - A convicted murderer who is seeking a taxpayer-funded sex-change operation has asked a judge to order Massachusetts prison officials to provide electrolysis treatments.

A lawyer for Michelle Kosilek argued Monday that having facial hair is "intensely personally stressful to her."

A lawyer for the Massachusetts Department of Correction says Kosilek has had significant hair removal already through laser treatments and seven earlier electrolysis treatments.

U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf says he'll rule on the electrolysis request Wednesday.

Born as Robert, Kosilek is serving a life sentence for murdering his wife, Cheryl, in 1990. Now named Michelle, Kosilek has been living as a woman in an all-male prison in Norfolk.

Prison officials say the sex change would pose security problems.

CBNNews has this excellent video report on the Senate health care bill set to be debated next week and what are the hang ups.

Public option, costs and abortion are dividing the Democrats in the Senate. Notice that Republicans only have 40 seats so it is clear this is in the hands of Democrats to pass or kill this bill in the Senate. And then notice even if it passes hurdles in the Senate that there will be more to come. For much health care debate without media interpretation and bias see avoidthebais.com.

Related: The Two Hang Ups currently blocking passage of health care reform: one in the House and one in the Senate
House avoids one major hangup to health care reform and bill passes WITHOUT tax payer funding of abortions and Republicans win two Governor elections

"Harvard" study used by CBS claiming 45,000 deaths due to health insurance only interviewed the uninsured once and yet a decade later the study assumes they are still uninsured and no tracking of the cause of death nor medical care received.

Once again the corrupting influence of Big Government Politics on science. See None of the best-known international health care comparisons consider contributions to medical innovation. and New York Times article on Hacked e-mails of global warming scientists is the most linked to story for two days now.

First off, concerning this being a purely Harvard study check out some concerning information about that at Deaths linked to lack of Health Insurance stats on CBS missing a couple of important unpopular facts.

But National Center For Policy Analysis has this interesting critique of the study itself in a recent email update for readers to check into before accepting and proclaiming the figures in the study.


A Harvard University study published in the American Journal of Public Health claimed that nearly 45,000 Americans die each year due to lack of health care coverage.  It's an alarming figure, except that this study is seriously flawed, says U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns, who represents Florida's 6th Congressional District.

The study reflects the bias of the authors and contains inaccurate characterizations.  The authors of the study, Dr. David Himmelstein and Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, co-founded the Physicians for a National Health Program, which advocates a single-payer health system, or socialized medicine.  According to Stearns, the authors developed their conclusion before conducting the study.

Consider the questionable methodology behind the report.  According to an analysis by John C. Goodman, President, CEO and the Kellye Wright Fellow of the National Center for Policy Analysis:

  • The authors of the Harvard study interviewed the uninsured only once -- and never saw them again; this alone undermines the integrity of the findings.
  • A decade later, the researchers assumed the participants were still uninsured and, if they died in the interim, lack of insurance was blamed as one of the causes.
  • Like unemployment, uninsurance happens to many people for short periods of time.
  • Most people who are uninsured regain insurance within one year.
  • The authors of the study did not track what happened to the insurance status of the subjects over the decade examined, what medical care they received or even the causes of their deaths.
Source: Cliff Stearns, "Use facts in health care debate," Orlando Sentinel, November 24, 2009.

For text:

For Harvard University study:

For more on Health Issues:

40 Days for Life video reporting on Planned Parenthood closing in Kalispell, Montana. A must view for all pro-lifers...

Something to be very thankful for this thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving!!! Do watch it all the way through and be blessed. A must view for all Pro-lifers.....

Not to fail to repeat During 40 days for life campaign a Planned Parenthood director watches ultrasound of an abortion and later quits job and that some

Related: Video: Get to know 40 Days for Lifers in Ohio, NC, Illinois and New York City as 40 Days for Life in 39 days has been used to save 490 babies
Video: Get to know 40 Days for Lifers in Kentucky and Florida as 40 Days for Life in 31 days has been used to save 405 babies

Belgium man in 23 year long "coma" says he was conscious the entire time.

CBNNews video report

From LifeNews.com...

Man in Supposed 23-Year-Long Coma Speaks, Says He Was Always Conscious

London, England (LifeNews.com) -- After he was the victim of an automobile accident, doctors said 23-year-old Rom Houben was in a comatose state and unable to communicate with those around him. Now, 23 years later, the 46-year-old says he felt trapped as he was conscious the entire time and attempted to communicate.

Houben became paralyzed after the crash but, thanks to advances in medical technology, he is now able to tell the world his thoughts via computer.

"I screamed, but there was nothing to hear," he told the London Daily Mail newspaper.

"I dreamed myself away," he said of how he coped with the situation. "All that time I just literally dreamed of a better life. Frustration is too small a word to describe what I felt."

Although tests at the time showed that he was essentially "extinct," newer tests conducted just three years ago showed Houben's brain was functioning normally -- and his renewed ability to communicate is something he describes as a "second birth."

"I shall never forget the day when they discovered what was truly wrong with me - it was my second birth," he told the paper. "I want to read, talk with my friends via the computer and enjoy my life now that people know I am not dead."

British neurological expert Dr. Steven Laureys has described Houben's case in a new paper and said, "Medical advances caught up with him."

The paper indicates doctors used the internationally accepted Glasgow Coma Scale to assess his eye, verbal and motor responses, but the results were incorrect.

Laureys says physicians need to not be so quick to label patients as in a vegetative state, because such a diagnosis can be incorrect.

"'Anyone who bears the stamp of "unconscious" just one time hardly ever gets rid of it again," he said.

American bioethicist Wesley J. Smith commented today on the case and said it has significant implications for the euthanasia and assisted suicide debate.

"We hear constantly that people diagnosed as being persistently unconscious should be dehydrated to death because they are not 'persons,' or are actually 'dead' -- and so should be available for organ harvesting," he said.

"We hear that even if the family resists, futile care theory should permit bioethics committees to impose unilateral withdrawal. And we hear this even as repeated studies demonstrate that 40 or more percent of patients diagnosed as PVS really aren't," he continued.

Smith says "there are abundant reasons to treat people with profound cognitive disabilities as fully human beings."

"First and foremost, because they are us. Second, because we don't know enough about how the brain works to know that there won't be some regeneration to permit eventual restoration of some function. But also, because there is always hope," he said.

"Houben is here today only because he wasn't dehydrated to death," Smith concludes.

"There is no doubt he went through a horrendous experience, but thanks to treating him as a fully equal human being by caring for him all those years and giving him tests late into his disability–explicitly refused to Terri Schiavo–he is here today to tell tale and live the rest of his life," he said.

"And for goodness sake, whatever you believe about these issues, don't talk in the presence of PVS or other apparently unconscious patients as if they aren't there. Rather, always treat such people as if they can hear you, because sometimes they can," Smith said.

Senator on the Senate floor spends about an hour discussing the history of Thanksgiving from the Pilgrims in England and on...

For more American History see

Video report: Chefs gather in New York to feed 10,000 in 5 days.

From CBNNews.com....

Resolution from Council of Europe would violate hospitals right to opt out of abortion coverage.

Right of Hospitals to Opt out of Abortion Must Be Removed: Council of Europe Resolution

 By John Jalsevac

STRASBOURG, France, November 23, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A new draft resolution from the Council of Europe aimed at legally limiting the freedom of medical doctors and health care providers who object to abortion has life and family defenders in Europe deeply concerned. 

The new draft Resolution is the latest initiative undertaken by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to promote abortion and restrict freedom of religion and conscience. The resolution, sponsored by Sweden's Carina Hägg, is entitled "Women's access to lawful medical care: the problem of unregulated use of conscientious objection."

The resolution has two main objectives: the first - to push for further access to abortion as a "Human Right" - the second: to limit the possibility for individual health care providers and institutions "to refuse to provide certain health services based on religious, moral or philosophical objections."  The "health services" targeted are mostly abortion, emergency contraception, assisted suicide and artificial procreation.

The document states that, "While recognising the right of an individual to conscientiously object to performing a certain medical procedure, the Parliamentary Assembly is deeply concerned about the increasing and largely unregulated occurrence of this practice, especially in the field of reproductive health care."

The solution proposed is that member states begin to "provide oversight and monitoring of the practice of conscientious objection so as to ensure women are able to access the medical services they need and are legally entitled to receive."

However, the document specifically states that the right to "institutional objection" must be removed, ensuring that hospitals as a whole cannot invoke conscientious objection. Member states must "rule out the right of institutional conscientious objection, preventing public hospitals or clinics as a whole to invoke conscientious objection," says the document.

Such a drastic measure would put an abrupt end to institutions such as Catholic hospitals that refuse to provide abortions and other procedures that violate the sanctity of life.

The European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), an international non-profit law firm dedicated to protecting human rights and religious freedom in Europe and worldwide, will be intervening in the matter to defend conscience rights. At the request of Members of Parliamentary Assemble, the ECLJ is currently preparing a memorandum in support to "conscientious objection" that will be submitted to the Parliament in the weeks ahead.

See the draft resolution attacking freedom of Conscience here.

Big Media who were quick to report on "Deniers" of Global Warming not so quick to report on hacked emails of global warming scientists

Related: New York Times article on Hacked e-mails of global warming scientists is the most linked to story for two days now. and CBS and Newsweek finally catching up with conservatives on health care bill rationing, health care bill is a "fiscal fraud" and the 640,000 jobs "saved or created" that only 7% of Americans believe.

To give credit to ABC at least on 20/20 with John Stossel was reported on some global warming skeptics some years back without the typical liberal media bias. See video below article.

Nets That Touted 'Deniers' 'Conspiracy,' Now Mum on Left's Global Warming Distortions 

As of Tuesday morning, the broadcast networks still haven’t uttered a single word about the revelations late last week of e-mails showing scientists on the left-wing side of the global warming debate plotting to hide data and silence those on the other side in an effort prop up the notion of a “consensus” on the issue. But when the liberal side of the debate charged that their opponents were involved in a “conspiracy” to tilt the debate in their favor, those same networks eagerly jumped on the story and castigated the evil “deniers.”

In 2007, as Brent Baker chronicled at the time in the MRC's CyberAlert, the broadcast network evening newscasts jumped to hype a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing meant to publicize a report from two far-left groups about how the Bush administration supposedly suppressed science about the dire threat of global warming — as if that view wasn’t getting plenty of play in the mainstream media

"The question in Washington today was this," anchor Brian Williams intoned in leading the January 30, 2007 NBC Nightly News: "Did the Bush administration in any way try to cook the books on the topic of global warming? Government scientists were called before a congressional committee today and asked if the White House or anyone else ever tried to stifle or squelch or silence the evidence that climate change is taking place around the globe." Andrea Mitchell refused to properly label the groups as she trumpeted: "With Democrats holding the gavel in both houses, advocacy groups were given the chance to present a new study revealing unprecedented and widespread interference with scientific reports, largely by a former oil industry lobbyist working for the White House."

The next morning on NBC’s Today, Matt Lauer hyped: "A controversy in Washington over what literally could be the end of the world as we know it. Did the Bush administration freeze out scientists trying to sound the alarm on global warming?"

Writing at her “Couric & Co.” blog a few weeks later (February 26, 2007), CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric suggested that the only experts who disagreed with Al Gore’s fear-mongering were paid off by special interests: "It seems like we’re reaching critical mass when it comes to this issue. And all the experts agree. Well, almost every expert. (There are a handful of scientists — many of them on the payroll of big oil companies — who wonder if global warming is a reality.)"

In an August 13, 2007 cover story, Newsweek targeted the “well-funded naysayers who still reject the overwhelming evidence of climate change.” Correspondent Sharon Begley impugned: “Since the late 1980s, this well-coordinated, well-funded campaign by contrarian scientists, free-market think tanks and industry has created a paralyzing fog of doubt around climate change.”

Less than a week before the 2004 presidential election, on the October 27, 2004 CBS Evening News, Dan Rather trotted out the claims of a leading scientist on the liberal side of the debate: “A top government scientist is accusing President Bush of suppressing evidence that human activities contribute to dangerous global warming. NASA's James Hansen says scientific findings on the environment are, quote, 'screened and controlled' by the Bush administration.”

In 2003, liberals yelped when the Bush administration changed the wording of an EPA report on warming. The June 19, 2003 New York Times ran a front-page story highlighting the concerns of rabid environmentalists; that night, all three networks pushed the story (with the exact same spin) on their evening broadcasts.

Barry Serafin intoned on ABC's World News Tonight: “Environmentalists are angry about what they regard as science pushed aside by politics. A number of studies have concluded that global warming is increasing and can be partly attributed to emissions from smokestacks and tail pipes.”

CBS's Dan Rather announced: "President Bush has been criticized at home and abroad for pulling out of the international treaty to curb global warming, the Kyoto Treaty. Now, CBS's John Roberts reports, conservationists, environmentalists and some others are taking the President to task for what they say was the cynical changing of a major report on global warming. They say it was altered to put hardball partisan politics over hard independent science."

John Roberts began, over video of a couple dozen people with tape over mouths: "Gagged and angry, environmentalists today denounced the Bush administration for censoring the scientific evidence on global warming.”

Over on the NBC Nightly News, Tom Brokaw warned: “Taken out were sections dealing with the implications of climate change. The Bush administration claims they didn’t contain sound science. All of this is raising questions on Capitol Hill for a White House that’s already been criticized for bailing out of the Kyoto global warming treaty.”

On Monday, the New York Times ran a front-page story about the exposure of the censorious tactics of left-wing climate scientists, but that night the networks refused to notice. Double standard, anyone?

—Rich Noyes is Research Director at the Media Research Center."

California awards $230 million to predominately non-embryonic stem cell research proving liberal California has been wrong on the stem cell research and President Bush was right.

Not only California whose people voted in 2004 to fund stem cell research in response to Bush's ban on tax payers funding of embryonic stem cell research but Al Gore has invested in Adult Stem Cell Research following Bush's lead of allowing tax payers to fund ethical adult stem cell reserach see First, Dr Oz on the Oprah Winfrey supports Adult Stem Cell research and now, Al Gore invests $20 million into adult stem cell research.

If this is all confusing watch video below and read article and then the many related links.

Calif. changes tune on adult stem cells

Posted on Nov 13, 2009 | by Staff

WASHINGTON (BP)--California's stem cell program has awarded $230 million primarily to non-embryonic research, in the process implicitly admitting embryonic experiments are much further from producing therapies in human beings.

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) made grants to only four efforts that involve embryonic stem cells, while making 10 others to non-embryonic projects, according to The New York Times. CIRM, the $3 billion, 10-year effort approved by voters in 2004, began in response to President Bush's policy that barred federal funds for stem cell research that results in the destruction of human embryos. Extracting stem cells from an embryo destroys the days-old human being.

One project approved for funding Oct. 28 involves extracting stem cells from a person's heart and inserting them back into his heart to repair heart attack damage, The Times reported. The study leader, Eduardo Marban of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, said embryonic stem cells may not help such patients. "The last thing we want to do is grow rogue heart cells," he said, according to The Times. Embryonic stem-cell research has been plagued by the development of tumors in lab animals.

Bioethics specialist Wesley Smith said of Marban's comment, "Funny when [embryonic stem cell research] opponents used to make that very claim, they were hooted down by 'the scientists' and their camp followers in the media."...."

Related: Germany gives a 3 year imprisonment for embryo destruction so why are these Americans trying to get to Germany for stem cell treatment
Wash. Post as most liberal sources forget to let the Public know that Adult Stem Cells are winning 73 to 0 against Embryonic Stem Cells
First, Dr Oz on the Oprah Winfrey supports Adult Stem Cell research and now, Al Gore invests $20 million into adult stem cell research
Adult Stem Cell research makes Oprah Winfrey Show with a lesson in Liberal Media Bias.
Nancy Pelosi praises Nancy Reagan for supporting stem cell research but just keep in mind it is the Adult Stem Cell Research that is working.
YouTube video of 4 Texans cured by Adult Stem Cells
Oklahoma and Texas deciding to fund Adult Stem Cell Research instead of Embryonic.
BBCNews reports on Jaw bone created from adult stem cells

CBS and Newsweek finally catching up with conservatives on health care bill rationing, health care bill is a "fiscal fraud" and the 640,000 jobs "saved or created" that only 7% of Americans believe.

Must give credit where credit is due. Big Media has actually gotten its readers caught up on items conservatives have been discussing for some time now.

President Obama just hit his lowest approval rating yet according to Rasmussen Reports and amongst those who disapprove 42% strongly disapprove. And now even CBS is finally catching up to the trend see: CBS Catches Up with Conservatives and Realizes Obama Has 'Credibility' Problem - "The American people are increasingly questioning the President's credibility. He says the stimulus has saved or created 640,000 jobs, but only seven percent of Americans believe it has created any. And he's repeatedly promised health care reform will not increase the deficit, but a mere 19 percent believe him."-Chip Reid CBS News.

For more on why Americans don't trust the 640,000 number see California Republican Issa exposes 640,000 jobs created headline as mere propaganda in recent committee hearing.

And even a Newsweek editor admits that the health care bill is a "fiscal fraud" which conservatives have been saying all along see below video.

After all the talk of Death panels and rationing finally CBS does a report on "60 minutes" concerning these issues (see video clips below). Not to fail to mention 60 minutes report a couple of weeks ago at Breaking News: NBC and CBS actually air shows that are sympathetic to Pro-lifers and expose Government waste in Government ran Medicare getting CBS viewers caught up with what conservatives have been already informed on for some time now.

Health Care bill in Senate apparently passed by bill writer purchasing one of those votes for $300 million thus explaining exactly why the bill was behind closed doors for so long.

As you get through this post do watch the video at the bottom of this post with John McCain's comments. They are very applicable here.

First let us watch some promises made by Democrats and Obama on the campaign trail and then let us read a little of what ABC had on its channel over the weekend...This may explain why the bill was hiding for so long and why it was done behind closed doors.

ABC's Bill Weir: Voters Sent Senator Landrieu to Washington to 'Get as Much Sausage' as Possible 

Good Morning America’s Bill Weir on Sunday defended the $300 million in pork that Senator Mary Landrieu acquired for her state, spinning, "The people of Louisiana sent her to Washington to get as much sausage as they could, you know, she could."

Landrieu provided the 60th vote on Saturday to bring the Senate’s health care bill up for debate. In return, millions in new funding will go to Louisiana. Guest George Stephanopoulos touted the money as a real bargain: "But I think Democrats are saying it's a pretty cheap vote. $300 million. Without Senator Landrieu's vote yesterday, this bill would have died, would have been very difficult to put it back together."

It didn’t seem to occur to either Stephanopoulos or Weir that one job of a senator might be to not waste millions in taxpayer money.

Just prior to that exchange, Weir actually demonstrated the dense, indecipherable language of the health care bill. Standing in front of all 2000 pages of the legislation, he quoted:

BILL WEIR: And here's a sample from page 432: "The federal medical assistance percentage determined for a disaster-recovery FMAP adjustment State stated under paragraph 1 shall apply for purposes of this title, other than with respect to the disproportionate share hospital payments-" bear with me, I'm getting to the good part- "described in the section 1920-" Actually, there is no good part. It goes on like that for 2000 pages. And translated into English, that one passage would expand Medicaid to states that have had experienced a disaster in the last seven years. But, only one really state fits that description. So, they could have saved four pages with one word- Louisiana.

Weir explained, "And why does this bill randomly devote four pages and least $100 million to Louisiana? Well, because Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu was among the Democrats threatening to kill this bill." He then launched into his "sausage" defense.

A transcript of the November 22 segment, which aired at 8:05am EST, follows:
BILL WEIR: [Weir is standing next to the 2000 page health care bill.] And here’s the quote of the morning. It was German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck who said if you like laws and sausage, you should never watch either being made. And that 100-year-old quip took on new meaning this week for anyone who actually tried to read this behemoth. And here's a sample from page 432: "The federal medical assistance percentage determined for a disaster-recovery FMAP adjustment State stated under paragraph 1 shall apply for purposes of this title, other than with respect to the disproportionate share hospital payments-" bear with me, I’m getting to the good part- "described in the section 1920-" Actually, there is no good part. It goes on like that for 2000 pages. And translated into English, that one passage would expand Medicaid to states that have had experienced a disaster in the last seven years. But, only one really state fits that description. So, they could have saved four pages with one word- Louisiana. And why does this bill randomly devote four pages and least $100 million to Louisiana? Well, because Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu was among the Democrats threatening to kill this bill.

SENATOR MARY LANDRIEU (D-Louisiana): I am not going to be defensive about asking for help in this situation. And it is not $100 million fix. It's a $300 million fix.

WEIR: There you go. That's a lot of kielbasa. And for the bottom line on this, let's bring in George Stephanopoulos, host of This Week. Getting ready, George. The wheeling and dealing is just beginning, I imagine. And the people of- Well, they voted- The people of Louisiana sent her to Washington to get as much sausage as they could, you know, she could. What's at stake for the people at Nebraska and Arkansas?

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, we'll find out. I have Senator Ben Nelson on the program later. But I think Democrats are saying it's a pretty cheap vote. $300 million. Without Senator Landrieu’s vote yesterday, this bill would have died, would have been very difficult to put it back together. So, they say, it was important- they also would argue that this money is justified. Louisiana has been awful hard hit and they need this kind of help. But, this is only the beginning of the wheeling and dealing. You've got at least three or four senators, like Mary Landrieu, you showed, like Ben Nelson who is on my program today. Like Blanche Lincoln, the Senator from Arkansas. Like Joe Lieberman from Connecticut who could hold this bill hostage in the coming weeks. And they’re going to demand several things One thing they're all unified on, as Rachel reported, the public health insurance option in this bill will have to come out or be dramatically changed for them to allow this bill to go forward.

—Scott Whitlock is a news analyst for the Media Research Center.

Like this story? Then sign up to receive free e-mail alerts from the MRC"

Now, go to about 65:00 till the end on John McCain's speech on the Senate floor on this very issue.

From Monkey to Man? Today is 150th anniversary of Darwin's The Origin of Species and a new documentary on the Galapagos Islands challenges Darwin's interpretation

For brand new video documentary where christian explorers go to the Galapagos Islands to tell an entirely different story than that of Darwin's. Below is trailer. You can purchase DVD at Values Voter News Store powered by Amazon here. You can also see prior posts concerning this movie at New documentary of the Galapagos islands just released. and Christ on the Galapagos Islands and a new documentary from a Christ centered creationist perspective of the Galapagos Islands.

The Mysterious Islands Trailer 2: Evolution's Birthplace from Vision Forum on Vimeo.

New York Times article on Hacked e-mails of global warming scientists is the most linked to story for two days now.

Related: Lord Monckton's highly recommended 90 minute speech on UN Climate Change Treaty going viral on You Tube

The story reported at the New York Times titled Hacked E-Mail Is New Fodder for Climate Dispute has been the most linked to news story on the blogoshere for two days in a row according to blogpulse. Last month another similar story by the BBCNews was the top linked to news story for three days in a row according to blogpulse that was about climate change. See BBC News: Current climate models fail to forecast that the globe is not warming even though man made carbon dioxide continues to rise

Here is an example from the New York Times article:

The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t” Dr. Trenberth wrote. And here is the email in all its context. By the way this link is an excellent link cause it has a search for all the alleged emails so you can see the statements in context.

Here is another one from the Wall Street Journal: 'The two MMs have been after the CRU station data for years. If they ever hear there is a Freedom of Information Act now in the U.K., I think I'll delete the file rather than send to anyone. . . . We also have a data protection act, which I will hide behind."

And then one from CNN: ""I've just completed Mike's Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (i.e., from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith's to hide the decline."

And even the Washington Post: ""I can't see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report," Jones writes. "Kevin and I will keep them out somehow -- even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!"

Found this quick video report...

Just got this in an email update from NCPA: E-MAIL LEAK TURNS UP HEAT ON GLOBAL WARMING ADVOCATES-"...Around 1,000 emails and 3,000 documents were stolen from UEA computers by hackers last week..."This is not a smoking gun, this is a mushroom cloud," climatologist Patrick J. Michaels told the New York Times (NYT)...Lord Lawson, who served as chancellor for six years under Margaret Thatcher, has called for an independent inquiry into claims that leading climate change scientists manipulated data to strengthen the case for man-made global warming"

Senator calls for an investigation while 5 years ago claiming this was a hoax...

And in same email update was this from NCPA: CLIMATOLOGISTS BAFFLED BY GLOBAL WARMING TIME-OUT - "Latif, one of Germany's best-known climatologists, says that the temperature curve has reached a plateau.  "There can be no argument about that," he says.  "We have to face that fact."

And found this video that I saw some years ago on 20/20 which will be found to be quite interesting in this context. Especially, when you get to about 4:00 minute but watch it all.

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