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Update 08/25/2010 President Obama's approval rating hits new low in Gallups polling since his election at 43% and a new high disapproval rating at 50%
Update 06/18/2010 President Obama approval rating hits an all time low

Update 05/25/2010 Rasmussen Poll: 42% approve of President Obama. That is the lowest level yet. 

Update 04/14/2010: Get ready for a repeat of 1994 or more. Our President now has lower approval ratings in his second term than did Clinton and Republicans are up in the generic ballot polls.

Update 03/20/2010: Rasmussen and Gallup polls concurr that President Obama's approval ratings are at an all time low as health care is set to be voted on this weekend. 

Update 03/17/2010: Republicans have biggest lead to date with a 10% lead if Congressional elections were held today reports Rasmussen
Update 02/21/2010: Must watch video and comments at: President Obama points us in the right direction as he answers the question: Why should Americans trust Democrats to reduce government spending and debt?
Obama's average approval rating for first year in office according to Gallup polls puts him second only to Clinton for worst first year average approval rating.

See the latest ratings and chart from January here. It's even worse now and also see all the recent polling for the 2010 elections for Senate and Governor races here. 

Update 01/19/2010: Obama's average approval rating for first year in office according to Gallup polls puts him second only to Clinton for worst first year average approval rating.
Update 01/12/2010: President Obama has his worst monthly approval rating yet in December and people identifying themselves as Democrat is at an all time low as Republicans gain their biggest lead in the congressional polling
Update 01/05/2009: President Obama has his worst monthly approval rating yet in December and people identifying themselves as Democrat is at an all time low as Republicans gain their biggest lead in the congressional polling

Update 12/22/2009: Obama approval rating hits a new low but so does Reid and Pelosi. Check out the recent Rasmussen polling across the nation over 2010 Senate and Governor races.

Update 12/14/2009: Obama's approval ratings hits yet another low over the weekend and Monday with only 44% approving according to Rasmussen.

Update 12/1/2009: November marks President Obama's worst monthly approval rating yet and Gallup poll says 53% of American disapprove of Obama's handling of Health Care.
Update 11/24/2009: President Obama just hit his lowest approval rating yet according to Rasmussen Reports and amongst those who disapprove 42% strongly disapprove.

Update 11/17/2009: President Obama has his worst monthly approval ratings yet in October. Why?

Related: WhiteHouse released 100 stimulus projects vs a critique of some not so great 100 stimulus projects and what does it all add up to and why?

Rasmussen has been keeping track of Obama's approval rating. See chart to the left.
The main issue Obama campaigned on in the election was the economy. 6 months later we see nothing of his plans working but rather misreads of our economy (see below) and the raking up of the debt for future generations to pay off as the budget for our government continues to grow at alarming rates with little to show for it. Meanwhile business's and Americans are cutting their own budgets making any practical affordability of health care by government or private impossible by furthering the debt to be paid off by future jobs that business's can no longer afford to provide because of higher taxes necessary to fund this monster of a government. The Federal Government under democrat control and Obama has been biting the hand that feeds it one legislative act at a time. Every dollar the government gets comes from those being taxed.

Biden admitted that they misread the economy and yet just last month said the stimulus packaged created or saved 150,000 jobs. Obama said after celebrating his first 100 days in office, “One hundred days ago, in the midst of the worst economic crisis in half a century, we passed the most sweeping economic recovery act in history…One hundred days later, we are already seeing results.” And the results have continued to this date and they are not so positive.

The Consumer and Investor Indexes drop to lowest levels in 4 months.

Also, see unemployment chart below revealing yet another misread on how the stimulus package would stimulate job growth. Obama's advisers chosen by Obama himself produced the below chart with figures in blue arguing how the stimulus package would reduce the unemployment rate. The figure in red is reality and reveals how far off his chosen advisers were.

The UK and Europe already went down the road of bailouts and stimulus's and nothing to show for it and so voters in the UK voted largely for the Conservative Party in the UK and Europe. See UK's labour party takes the worst showing since 1918 as conservatives gain ground. YouTube video of Daniel Hannan MEP for one reason why.. Could that be happening here in these recent polls? Rasmussen has been keeping track of how the people would vote if there was an election in congress today and Republicans have there highest lead in the polls since the weekly polling has been done by Rasmussen.

Back before the stimulus package was approved was this debate on CSPAN that took place between the largest conservative think tank in the world in The Heritage Foundation vs a respected liberal think tank in Center for American Progress at The Heritage Foundation vs Center for American Progress go head to head on CSpan. See video here. which so far has The Heritage Foundation winning after the theories have been practiced.

Below is a weekly address from Obama back in February of Obama plauding the passing of this stimulus package. As you watch remember that not one Republican came together to vote yes on this package in the House and actually the bill had more bipartisan non support then support so Obama's talk about congress coming together to pass this bill is absurd.

Before we conclude watch this video from a Conservative Party member in the UK explaining just why bailouts and stimulus packages stimulate nothing but more government growth which concurs with The Heritage Foundation's argument and is so well and easily put and understood.

Conclusion: It is one thing to have a fix for the economy that decreases taxes and yet fails cause at least money is getting back to the people it is quite another to have a fix for the economy that increases taxes and still yet fails leaving the public with less money and a bigger government to have to fund in the future. At least one system doesn't penalize the public twice for a failing economy.

And besides, the economy failed not due to lower or higher taxes but government involvement in the mortgage industry by failing not to regulate its own government created companies which boomed the sub-prime mortgage risk out of control with a risk that was the riskiest risk possible that no investor would have invested in without government backing which is why so many worldwide did as these companies not only influenced investors to invest in themselves but also bought the high risk off of private sector companies which then allowed investors to continue to invest in those private sector companies with no risk as the risk was passed on to the poorly regulated government created companies to a point to where it was to late. See trail of evidence starting at: Obama administration admitting that Fannie and Freddie were a "core part" of the country's financial woes.

The party that was for regulation of these government created companies was the Republican Party as evidence in below YouTube video of congressional hearing.

Also, see Media is not giving you the whole Mortgage Crisis story: Fannie and Freddie is Enron x 19/Microsoft Sized Monopoly/Leading Compaign Giver and Lobbyist

And see the most recent hearing concerning the government created companies from CSPAN at: CSPAN video of recent hearings on Fannie Mae and Freddie MAC part 1 and 2 and previous posts as to why our economy is the way it is.

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